WATCH: Stephen Curry hits another RIDICULOUS GOLF SHOT, does trademark NO-LOOK celebration

Steph Curry's amazing birdie putt and whiskey celebration at the American Century Championship left fans astonished.

WATCH: Stephen Curry hits another RIDICULOUS GOLF SHOT, does trademark NO-LOOK celebration

Steph Curry (via TripAdvisor)

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry made waves at the 2023 American Century Celebrity Golf Championship Tournament in Lake Tahoe with a ridiculous breaking bomb of a birdie putt. The 35-year-old basketball phenom displayed his golfing prowess on the 12th hole, sinking an impressive putt from way downtown.

As the ball approached the hole, Curry turned around and celebrated with his signature no-look, walkaway move, much like his iconic three-point celebrations in the NBA. The crowd erupted in excitement, clearly impressed by Curry’s display of skill. Curry not only enchanted the crowd with his amazing shot, but he also displayed his distinctive humility and companionship.

After completing the round, he generously shared some of his Gentleman’s Cut whiskey with a dozen fortunate fans, joining them for a toast. Curry, known for his cool demeanor, did not even flinch while taking the shot. It is a testament to the smoothness of his own whiskey brand.

Curry’s participation in the American Century Championship adds to the event’s allure, as he is undeniably one of the tournament’s biggest draws. Fans and spectators eagerly anticipate his performance on the golf course, and he is certainly living up to the hype. With his impressive birdie putt, Curry showcased his versatility as an athlete, demonstrating that his skills extend beyond the basketball court.

Stephen Curry’s exceptional Performance and stiff competition set the stage for an epic golf battle

Stephen Curry
Steph Curry (Credits – Golf Digest)

Although Curry’s NBA season with the Golden State Warriors ended earlier than expected, his passion for sports and competition remains unwavering. The American Century Championship provides him with a unique opportunity to bond with his family as he tees off alongside his brother Seth and father Dell.

Despite never winning the event before, Curry’s exceptional performance on the opening day secured a top spot on the leaderboard. With a score of 27 under the modified stableford scoring system, it positions him as a strong contender for victory.

Although the NBA star is considered a top contender for the championship, he encounters tough competition from a team of renowned individuals. It includes renowned sports figures and popular public figures. Football quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Rodgers, and boxing champion Alvarez, are battling for the top spot. The tournament promises to be a thrilling display of skill and sportsmanship, with each competitor bringing their A-game.

While the occasion advances, supporters anxiously anticipate the result of the traditional contest. One thing is for sure that the amazing explosive shot for a birdie shot has already carved his name into the archives of the event’s history. This has enthralled viewers and consolidated his position as a versatile sports superstar.

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