“I wouldn’t sleep very well if I was in the front office” Tim Legler asserts Kyrie Irving NOT being worthy AT ALL for max extension

Tim Legler of ESPN discusses the Kyrie Irving Saga at Brooklyn and why the Nets should not offer him an extension.

Kyrie Irving, Tim Legler

According to recent reports, Kyrie Irving and the Brooklyn Nets cannot agree on an extension of his deal. Given that the Nets aren’t willing to extend his contract, Irving may decide to look upon teams elsewhere. Irving’s apparent lack of appreciation for Steve Nash as a head coach is one of the problems in Brooklyn. Kyrie and the Nets are headed for a challenging stretch starting next week.

As per Tim Legler of ESPN, no NBA head office should be eager to take a chance by signing Kyrie Irving to a long-term contract because of his unreliability. During his time with the Nets, Irving has missed more games than he has participated in. He has missed 123 of 226 possible games in his first three years at Brooklyn in which, he missed a major number of games due to his resistance in getting vaccinated.

Superteam gone wrong for Kyrie and KD.

A number of NBA teams are counting on Kyrie Irving leaving the Nets since it is believed that if that happens, Brooklyn would likely try to move Kevin Durant and begin a new rebuild. For the previous few months, the Irving era has seemed unlikely to succeed, and the team’s elimination in the first round by the Boston Celtics further fueled the sceptics. On the other hand, he ruined his relationship with the Nets’ management, missed the majority of the season, and was then swept by the last team he turned down.

KD missed the whole team’s 2019-20 season in Brooklyn while he was recovering from a ruptured Achilles. Irving performed admirably on his own, but the team was unable to go past the first round in a strange postseason. During the 2020–21 season, James Harden expanded the pair into a trio, but Brooklyn was unable to win the championship despite this. On paper, Harden, Durant, and Irving seemed invincible, but in practise, they hardly ever played together. However, the Brooklyn Nets’ situation serves as a powerful reminder of what we all love or despise about sports: even a super team doesn’t always succeed.

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Tim Legler on the Kyrie Irving situation.

Sports Analyst Tim Legler discussed Irving’s scenario in Brooklyn and if he deserves a max deal on ESPN’s “Get Up”. He stated the following: “I wouldn’t sleep very well at night if I was a front office, This is a guy that has been unavailable for more games than he has been available, since he got to Brooklyn three years ago.” He also said: “You gotta be reliable. You gotta be somebody who can be there when we need you most and also show some leadership ability.”

The Nets must find a solution to the problem if they don’t want to lose both Kyrie and KD and have little chance of winning the title. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Irving has missed games, which has prevented supporters from seeing him as frequently as they would have liked. Irving’s signing with the Nets would have been a pleasure to know at the time, but thus far in his three-year stint, he has only participated in 45 home games.

In addition to taking extended absences for personal reasons, he frequently missed games without informing his teammates or coaches. Now we will have to see if Irving signs with a team this summer or if the Nets are able to reach a mutually agreeable compromise and provide him a contract.

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