“He was an MVP of the league when KD left” Tim Legler believes Russell Westbrook should play second unit in order to succeed with Lakers.

Read and know more about the Russell Westbrook situation at Los Angeles and ESPN analyst Tim Legler with his take on the state of the organization.

Russell Westbrook, Tim Legler
Russell Westbrook, Tim Legler

Russell Westbrook and LeBron James, both superstars for the Los Angeles Lakers, appeared to compete with one another this season. As a result, the Lakers had a terrible season as their two ever-present superstars struggled to work together on the court. Even though Los Angeles Lakers head coach Darvin Ham is fresh to the job, the hard work has already begun. After this year’s catastrophic campaign, the Lakers’ success will depend on how the first-year head coach carries out his plans for the upcoming season.

Tim Legler, a former NBA player and talk show host, said on ESPN’s morning show “Get Up” that if LeBron James and Anthony Davis stay healthy, the Lakers can regain their competitive edge. In addition, he suggested that Russell Westbrook be used effectively alongside King James on the floor. The media personality made references to Westbrook coming off the bench in the coming LA Lakers season.

Russell Westbrook’s horrendous season for the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers shocked the NBA last summer when they acquired Russell Westbrook in a trade. The most disastrous season in the history of the team and maybe the NBA came next. Westbrook averaged 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 7.1 assists while shooting 44.4 percent from the field and 29.8 percent from beyond the arc in the 2021–22 season. Given that he and James are both ball-dominant players, the former MVP occasionally had trouble adjusting to L.A.’s offense.

One of the finest in the league at attacking in the open court, getting to the rim, finishing, and hitting the open guy over his 14-year career has been Russell Westbrook. Westbrook wasn’t truly a MVP caliber player this season, whether it was due to getting older, injury-related roster instability, or a confidence issue. James and Davis, who missed a combined 60 games for the Lakers, were among the many players who suffered injuries last season. Davis, who suffered many injuries and missed nearly half of the season, recently blamed the team’s downfall on injuries.

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Tim Legler weigh in his opinion on the Westbrook situation.

“When he had that role after Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City, with that kind of roster, he was an MVP of the league. You have to stagger his minutes with LeBron, otherwise they’re stepping on each other’s feet.” Legler said on the morning talk show “Get Up”. It appears like benching Westbrook is the only option for the Lakers moving forth. When LeBron James is not on the floor, he can be the primary ball handler and direct the offence as a member of the rotation. Los Angeles would be able to better spread out the floor and surround him with legitimate shooters as a result.

The Lakers now have no choice but to keep Westbrook, and their chances of selling him in the summer are slim. The Lakers’ perspective would significantly change if Westbrook were to agree to sit on the bench, but that presently looks like a temporary escape. However, it’s reasonable to assume that Darvin Ham already knows which players will be returning to the Lakers next season. However, without some new blood, it could be another difficult year for LeBron, the Lakers, and its fan base. Darvin Ham will have an idea about how he wants his team to play basketball and who can be successful within his system.

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