“Trade everybody not named curry,” NBA Twitter DEMANDS justice for ‘lone wolf’ Stephen Curry as the Warriors lose to the Clippers despite him having a 50-point game

Fans demand for the Warriors to trade their roster after Stephen Curry's 50-point performance goes in vain against the Los Angeles Clippers

“Trade everybody not named curry,” NBA Twitter DEMANDS justice for ‘lone wolf’ Stephen Curry as the Warriors lose to the Clippers despite him having a 50-point game

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry joined Wilt Chamberlain for the joint most 50-point games since turning 30 but still could not pick up the win as the Golden State Warriors fell to the Los Angeles Clippers. Curry shot an incredible 71% from the field but was let down by his teammates as no one else had over 20 points. Twitter reacted to this defeat by praising Curry for his heroics and demanding the front office help him.


Draymond Green had another under-par game, scoring 8 points while having five fouls and four turnovers, prompting fans to slander him. “Send Draymond to Shanghai,” said one fan on Twitter in reaction to the result. Veteran NBA players who are not performing well are always joked about being sent to China, and this was one more of those instances. Here are some of the best reactions from Twitter:

After his performance last night, one fan was up for the Warriors trading 6th man of the year candidate Jordan Poole. The Warrior’s main problem has been the need for more defense played, and that hurts them down the stretch. Young guards like Poole are not competent defenders, and Draymond Green’s defense has declined since their championship-winning season in 2022. Stephen Curry will hope to get more help from his teammates to keep the Warriors in the playoff race and not slip into the play-ins.

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Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors need to fix their problems on the road

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Stephen Curry (Source: Twitter)

The Warriors lost their 9th straight road game last night, handing them their 4th loss in their previous six games. Steph Curry’s 50-point display was not enough to break their streak as the Warriors keep slipping. They are now 6th seed in the Western Conference and are just one game away from the 8th seed. If the Warriors fall into the pay-ins, it will be a tough road for them as they have never made it out of the play-ins.

The Golden State Warriors would face the 3rd seeded Grizzlies in a mouth-watering first-round clash. The Warriors and Grizzlies have developed an unofficial rivalry since Memphis beat them in the 2021 play-in tournament. The Warriors got their revenge the following season by beating the Grizzlies in the second round on their way to the Championship.

Stephen Curry has been putting in defensive and offensive masterclasses for the Warriors, and it is time his co-stars step up. Golden State has seven road games left this season out of their 12 games overall. If they still do not find a road win now, they might have to say goodnight to a guaranteed playoff spot as the teams below them are creeping up. Stephen Curry must go into 2016 mode to save the Warriors at this rate.

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