Heat legend Udonis Haslem suggests Tyler Herro can RETIRE from the NBA right now like a star

According to Haslem, Tyler Herro's career is already better than that of most NBA players.

Heat legend Udonis Haslem suggests Tyler Herro can RETIRE from the NBA right now like a star

Tyler Herro and Udonis Haslem on the court for UD’s last game (via WPLG Local 10)

Tyler Herro, who the Miami Heat drafted with the 13th pick in the 2019 draft, has played a crucial role in their rotation. He significantly contributed to the Heat’s success, propelling them to two NBA Finals appearances and earning the 6th Man of the Year award. Along the way, he proved himself as one of the league’s best upcoming guards.

However, injuries hindered him during the last two postseason runs, and now rumors suggest he could be the centerpiece of a trade package offered to Portland. This speculation arose after Damian Lillard, Portland’s franchise player, requested a trade to the Heat.


Recently, Heat legend Udonis Haslem discussed Tyler Herro’s future with the team during an interview at Bam Adebayo‘s camp. Haslem expressed that no matter what happens, Herro can be proud of his achievements, which include winning the 6MOTY and reaching two NBA Finals in just four years.

“One thing we focus on is his time spent here,” Haslem said. “Whatever happens, he can walk away with his head up. Sixth Man of the Year, 2 NBA Finals, 3 Eastern conference finals. His four to five years here is equivalent or better than most people’s careers.“

He emphasized that Herro has nothing to be ashamed of and believes that even if the trade with Portland goes through, he will continue to grow as a player and earn money through his talents. “He has nothing to be ashamed about, he’s handled his business. If the trade goes through, he’ll continue to build, grow, and get more money as a player,” Haslem said.


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Tyler Herro sends cryptic message on Instagram in midst of trade talks

Tyler Herro sends cryptic message following trade rumours
Tyler Herro (via ESPN)

Herro has proven to be one of the best young guards in the league. In just four years, he has become the second scoring option for the Miami Heat, right behind Jimmy Butler. However, whenever the Heat are rumored to trade for a star player, Herro’s name always surfaces in the trade talks.

Recently, Herro posted a cryptic message on his Instagram story, sharing the lyrics of Travis Scott‘s song “Skitzo” from the album “Utopia.” The lyrics were, “I ran it back last time, but it ain’t last time.” This might suggest that although Herro stayed with the Heat last season, the situation has changed, and he might be traded before the upcoming season.

Regardless of whether he ends up being traded to the Blazers or not, Herro has shown that he can be a valuable asset to any team that acquires him. Despite his proven abilities, one can only imagine how these continuous trade talks might have affected a young player like Herro.

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