“Never gave me that vibe,” NBA veteran reacts to ex-teammate Dwight Howard’s gay allegation after recent controversy

Jason Williams discussed the Dwight Howard controversy during a podcast.

“Never gave me that vibe,” NBA veteran reacts to ex-teammate Dwight Howard’s gay allegation after recent controversy

Dwight Howard (via SI)

In recent news, former NBA veteran Jason Williams appeared in the recent episode of ‘FLAGRANT’ Podcast on YouTube. It is hosted by famous comedian Andrew Schulz and his friends. At some point in the podcast, they discussed a past controversy involving former Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard. Howard faced allegations about his sexual orientation in 2021 due to a sexual assault case brought by Stephen Harper.

During the podcast, the host first praised Dwight Howard‘s NBA achievements, highlighting his status as a top player and multiple Defensive Player of the Year awards. The conversation then shifted to the 2021 controversy regarding Howard’s sexual orientation.


The members of the podcast including the NBA star Jason Williams, said that they never had any problem with him and his personal choices off the basketball court. Everyone praised the former NBA star as a generous and supportive teammate. As the discussion continued Williams addressed the topic of sexual preferences and said that having a gay teammate should not be the reason to affect the team’s chemistry as long as every player’s common goal is to win a championship.

I don't know what is going on with that situation, but all I can say is that bro is one of the most dominant basketball players ever. He could change the complexion of the game without scoring a basket. 
Jason Williams said on the FLAGRANT YouTube

In the podcast, they also talked about whether Dwight Howard’s NBA career was affected by his sexual orientation. Jason Williams disagreed, saying that if he were a team owner, he’d prioritize winning. Further, when asked about if he felt he was gay while playing with him, Williams coolly replied:

Bro, never... I never got that vibe when I was playing with him in Orlando.

He thinks that as long as a player works hard and helps the team, their personal choices off the court shouldn’t matter.


Dwight Howard called out critics of his sexual assault allegations

The three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year and former Los Angeles Lakers star Dwight Howard has remained calm amidst his recent lawsuit that surfaced accusing him of sexual assault by a man named Stephen Harper. Howard has been insisting the public believes the fact that the nature of the act as described in the lawsuit was completely consensual between him and Harper and wasn’t any sort of sexual assault. However, Dwight Howard called out critics over Instagram on his recent allegations.

Dwight Howard
Dwight Howard (via FOX)

Howard said:

Why the hell do you or anybody care who the hell I spend my time with? That’s the problem with y’all people. Whatever I’m doing in my bedroom is my damn business. Whatever you’re doing in your bedroom is your damn business, that ain’t for everybody.

Dwight Howard said he doesn’t need to share where he keeps his personal belongings. He also emphasized that it feels strange to be curious about someone’s private life. Howard concluded by saying that if someone is interested in what people do in their bedrooms or who they’re with, that’s just odd.


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