Victor Wembanyama to be better than LeBron James? NBA analyst makes WILD prediction about Spurs superstar’s potential

Skip Bayless admitted to yelling for Victor Wembanyama during Suns-Spurs game.

Victor Wembanyama to be better than LeBron James? NBA analyst makes WILD prediction about Spurs superstar’s potential

LeBron James and Victor Wembanyama (via The Sun & Sports Illustrated)

In light of recent events, a recent statement by NBA analyst Rachel Nichols stunned fans across the basketball world. The analyst made a bold prediction about the rookie phenom of the San Antonio Spurs superstar, Victor Wembanyama. Rachel Nicholas in a media interaction claims that Victor Wembanyama’s potential ceiling is higher than some of the NBA’s all-time greats including the Lakers superstar LeBron James.


The 7’2 guard for the San Antonio Spurs is making headlines with his game and has gotten appreciation from fans and many NBA players for his playmaking skills and scoring prowess. Nicholas in the statements also compared the 19-year-old rookie to the league’s one of the greatest including David Robinson, Shaquille O’Neal, and LeBron James which is not a small thing to put into perspective.

Rachel Nicholas on “Undisputed” in a statement commented about the 7’2 guard’s potential ceiling saying:

Victor Wembanyama’s ceiling is higher than David Robinson, Shaq, and LeBron’s. He can render that LeBron-MJ argument. 

Making such a bold statement is something fans can’t put into perspective as Victor Wembanyama has just entered the league. Although his potential ceiling is unquestionably high, it doesn’t exactly translate to the conclusion that he can make it at par with the greats of the NBA.


Wembanyama’s making headlines. Despite his age, his performance has impressed star players like Devin Booker and two-time NBA champion Kevin Durant.

In the past, players like David Robinson and Shaquille O’Neal ruled the court. Shaq, a dominant center with four NBA championships, stood out as a physical powerhouse. LeBron James, the Lakers superstar, boasts four NBA titles and the highest career points in the league. To challenge these legendary records, Wembanyama needs more than just potential.

Skip Bayless admitted to yelling at his TV for Victor Wembanyama during the Suns-Spurs game

The match between the San Antonio Spurs and the Phoenix Suns had fans and analysts in a state of awe. NBA analyst Skip Bayless who criticized Victor Wembanyama for his performance in the first four games had a change in his view after he witnessed Wembanyama single-handedly dismantle the Phoenix Suns. However, there was one thing that got the 71-year-old NBA analyst to yell at his TV while watching the 19-year-old rookie play was that Wembanyama wasn’t making full use and advantage of his height.

Skip Bayless and Victor Wembanyama
Skip Bayless and Victor Wembanyama (via The Sun, KAKE)

Skip Bayless on “Undisputed shed light on his thoughts about his dissatisfaction with the fact that Wembanyama wasn’t playing up to his potential given the height he has to his use. He said:

Victor, you’re 7’4, you’re 8 feet long.’ Phoenix…opened the game last night with Devin Booker guarding Victor Wembanyama because he was just drifting out and camping out at the three-point line. And they’re thinking yea, ‘We can put a 6’5 guy on you because who cares, you’re not gonna punish him.’ I’m yelling at my TV, ‘Victor just call for the basketball'."

Bayless admitted that he felt great as Victor Wembanyama started dominating the paint. He mentioned that Wembanyama began to pick and roll to the basket and move to the low post when guarded by smaller players. This made him unstoppable in the paint, with 10 successful shots out of 13 attempts.

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