LeBron James’ RIDICULOUS start to season related to son Bronny’s heart attack, claims former teammate

Perkins asserts that LeBron's emotional response to his son's cardiac arrest has played a significant role in his motivation this season.

LeBron James’ RIDICULOUS start to season related to son Bronny’s heart attack, claims former teammate

Kendrick Perkins revealed the new motivtion of LeBron James (via Olympics.com)

In light of recent events, Kendrick Perkins made an intriguing statement regarding the Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. It involved a connection with a recent incident involving LeBron’s son, Bronny James. Bronny James, during the early part of July, suffered a cardiac arrest during his practice session with the USC Trojans. The incident caused great pain to the James family and Bronny’s teammates.


In the interview, Perkins shed light on LeBron’s start to his 21st season. This is what he said:

When your son and your child goes through something like Bronny [James] did, all of a sudden that impacts you... Is [LeBron] gonna be able to sustain [extended minutes for the Lakers]? Yes.

Kendrick Perkins via NBA Today.

Kendrick Perkins claimed that LeBron played with a different passion on the court. He approached the game differently, and it had to do with Bronny’s cardiac arrest. Perkins claimed that the NBA legend wanted to win another championship and dedicate it to his family, especially his son.

Perkins asserted that the NBA legend’s emotional response to his son’s cardiac arrest has played a significant role in his mindset and motivation this season. Kendrick Perkins asserted that James’ passion and mindset will drive him this season, and this makes it clear that the Lakers remained as strong contenders for the NBA championship.


LeBron James breaks record for the most points scored in the 21st season

The NBA legend LeBron James set the record for scoring the most number of points amongst any player at the start of the 21st season against the LA Clippers on Wednesday. The four-time NBA champion dropped 35 points against the LA Clippers, defeating them in a 130-125 overtime victory.

Three-time NBA champion lift lid on LeBron James' WILDLY busy life
Lebron James (via ESPN)

The 19-time NBA all-star had also contributed to the team by taking in 11 rebounds, seven assists, two blocks, and a steal in a game time of 42 minutes, which was beyond impressive. This stunned fans and NBA analysts about the level of LeBron James performed against the Clippers.

Similarly, James broke a record similar to the one against the Clippers. A previous record was held by the former Mavericks superstar Dirk Nowitzki, scoring 30 in the year 2019. LeBron James stands on the top of the leaderboard to shatter the all-time scoring record in the NBA of 38,387 points by the legend Kareem Abdul Jabaar.

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