Victor Wembanyama to the Lakers? History suggests Spurs superstar will head to LA in the future

The recent speculation revolves around the San Antonio Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama and his future in the NBA.

Victor Wembanyama to the Lakers? History suggests Spurs superstar will head to LA in the future

Could Victor Wembanyama join the Lakers (via Instagram)

The world of NBA trade rumors and free agency speculation is a whirlwind of excitement for fans across the league. The recent speculation around town revolves around the San Antonio Spurs rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama. Some fans and analysts believe he could end up with the Los Angeles Lakers. Although the idea of Victor jumping ships remains far-fetched, it does not mean it is impossible. NBA history proves the Lakers’ ability to attract the top recruits of the league to their team.


The Los Angeles Lakers have a record of attracting top draft picks of the NBA for a very long time. It includes NBA legends and icons such as Shaquille O’Neal, Pau Gasol, and LeBron James. The infamous Lakers effect has always remained successful in drawing elite talents from all across the NBA. It has also helped them to win an NBA championship.

Victor Wembanyama has performed well in the current NBA regular season. He scored 38 points against the Phoenix Suns. As his game keeps improving, Wemby will likely dominate the league for years to come. Wembanyama is known for his shot-blocking prowess and impressive offensive skills. His potential ceiling is unquestionably high, and he is said to be on the road to a remarkable career as an NBA superstar.

Wembanyama’s future with the Los Angeles Lakers is completely on the grounds of speculation is far-fetched, considering he is only five games into his very first NBA season. But if something like that comes across for the budding superstar, chances are the Spurs will try their level best to retain their star player.


Victor Wembanyama admits Kevin Durant inspired him

The San Antonio Spurs rookie phenom Victor Wembanyama is the talk of the town. His recent performance against the Phoenix Suns has got the fanbase of the Spurs and NBA analysts to discuss and speculate his potential as a future superstar and his future as time passes in the NBA.

However, make no mistake, Kevin Durant didn’t back down and gave a tough fight to the Spurs and dropped 26 points in the game, including seven assists and two rebounds. Post their game, Victor, in a media interaction, shared how much he admired Kevin Durant. He also revealed that KD inspired him over the years.

Kevin Durant and Victor Wembanyama
Kevin Durant and Victor Wembanyama (via

This is what Wembanyama said about KD:

I learned that I’m far from mastering the game as much as him because I tried to do some stuff like him but I think I’m not maybe patient enough. I think I want to go too fast, but he goes to his own pace and goes to his spots and I think I have to, not copy that, but get inspired by that.
Victor Wembanyama via post-game

Wembanyama and KD looked leaner in their rookie season. Many have compared the Spurs rookie to Durant. Wembanyama also revealed that he tried to emulate KD but sometimes remains unsuccessful. The duo will meet two more times this season, and fans look forward to the battle.


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