WATCH: “Gilbert is a clown” Gilbert Arenas face heat on social media for controversial take on Ja Morant IG Live gun incident

Gilbert Arenas takes Ja Morant's side during his suspension from the league for showing a gun on his Instagram live

WATCH: “Gilbert is a clown” Gilbert Arenas face heat on social media for controversial take on Ja Morant IG Live gun incident

Gilbert Arenas

Gilbert Arenas is being slammed by Twitter for his irresponsible comments on Ja Morant’s situation. “When we young, we do stupid sh*t… I’m the owner? … I’m gonna do what every owner does: pretend I don’t see it.“, said Gilbert Arenas on his podcast. The former NBA player is excusing Ja’s behavior because of his age despite J being in the league for 4 years now. Arenas went on to claim that 23 is not old and that mistakes like that will be made by star players.


You got to put Ja around somebody who’s been the same way and got out of it safely,” said Arenas. Gilbert Arenas himself has been through such situations as he grew up in a similar environment as Ja. His podcast co-host joked that he should go to Memphis as a vet and straighten things out. “I ain’t stupid, I ain’t messing with them Grizzlies players they crazy,” said Arenas in response to going back as a vet. Here is what Twitter thought of Arenas’ comments:

Ja Morant has been suspended for the next 2 games following his gun incident and issued a statement taking full responsibility for his actions. Gilbert Arenas was a good but injury-prone NBA player who had the same mentality as Ja. As one Twitter user pointed out Arenas himself was caught with a gun in his locker room so it’s no surprise that he is rushing to defend Ja in this situation.

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Ja Morant would not want to go down the same path as Gilbert Arenas

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Gilbert Arenas was a sensational NBA player for a short period and ended his career on a very sour note. Arenas averaged over 25 points per game for 3 straight seasons and were 3x All- star too. Arenas won the most improved player as well just like Ja did last season. Ja just became a 2x all-star this season and has stained his reputation already.

Gilbert Arenas was involved in a gun incident that saw him suspended from the league for an entire year. As per reports, Arenas brought 4 guns to the locker room and laid them out with a note telling his teammates to ‘choose one’. This all stemmed from a card game while gambling around 60,000 dollars. Arenas was a Washington Wizard at this point in his career and were averaging 22 PPG this season (09/10).

Once NBA commissioner David Stern found out about this Arenas was suspended for a year on the pretext of bringing guns to the workplace. Arenas was never the same player after his suspension and were out of the league 2 years later. Ja Morant is at a pivotal stage in his career with soaring stardom on a winning team. Ja needs to use his time off to get his priorities straight and following Arenas’ advice is something he should not do.

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