Skip Bayless launches a scathing attack on the Clippers for falling “into the Russell Westbrook trap”

Skip Bayless launches a scathing attack on the Clippers for falling “into the Russell Westbrook trap”

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The addition of Russell Westbrook to the Los Angeles Clippers was supposed to be the missing piece that would propel them into title contention. The Clippers, on the other hand, are winless after four games with Westbrook in the starting lineup, and the team’s struggles have garnered a lot of attention and criticism.


Sports analyst Skip Bayless has been one of the most vocal critics of the Clippers’ decision to acquire Russel Westbrook. In a recent tweet, Bayless expressed his surprise that the Clippers “fell into the Russell Westbrook trap,” implying that bringing in the former MVP was a mistake.

While it is too early to tell whether Westbrook was the right choice for the Clippers, it is clear that the team is still figuring out how to integrate him into their system. Westbrook is a dynamic player with a lot of energy and athleticism on the court, but he also has a tendency to dominate the ball and take risky shots.

Some analysts believe that bringing Westbrook off the bench and using him as a spark plug for the second unit would benefit the Clippers more. This would allow the team to keep its current starting lineup, which has proven effective in the past, while still allowing Westbrook to contribute.


The Clippers’ lack of chemistry and cohesion on the court has been another issue. Given that there are many new players on the squad, including Westbrook, it will take some time for everyone to get along and learn how to play effectively together.

The team’s success with Westbrook in the starting lineup will ultimately depend on his capacity to adapt to the Clippers’ style of play and his willingness to submit to his teammates when necessary. Even though Westbrook is a talented basketball player, many are familiar with him for his candid demeanour and demand for attention.

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Can the Los Angeles Clippers bounce back with Westbrook in the team?

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Russel Westbrook

It’s not yet obvious whether Russell Westbrook’s presence on the Los Angeles Clippers’ roster will help them perform better. The team was hoping that Westbrook’s addition would push them closer to contending for a title, but they have struggled in their early games, which could be linked to Westbrook’s style of play and his lack of familiarity with his new teammates. The squad will need to adapt and work together in order to achieve their goals despite the tough opponents they have faced.


Despite the length of the NBA season, it’s important to remember that the Clippers still have plenty of time to rediscover their rhythm with Russel Westbrook in the starting lineup.

Russel Westbrook, may need to be removed from the bench, or the team may need to find a better way to incorporate him into their scheme. With time, effort, and a willingness to adapt, the Clippers have the potential to become a formidable force in the Western Conference and even compete for a championship title.

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