“Look at the team! It’s a team issue,” Former NBA player Eddie House rushes to defend Russell Westbrook, asserting he is not to blame for Clippers’ struggles

The Clippers are 0-5 since Russell Westbrook brought his talents to Los Angeles. While many have blamed the guard for the team's shortcomings, Eddie House feels it is a team issue.

“Look at the team! It’s a team issue,” Former NBA player Eddie House rushes to defend Russell Westbrook, asserting he is not to blame for Clippers’ struggles

Russell Westbrook (Getty Images)

Former NBA player Eddie House has come to the defense of Russell Westbrook amid criticism that the star point guard is to blame for the Los Angeles Clippers‘ recent struggles. Since the point guard came on board, the Clippers have struggled to get in a groove and, most importantly, win. The LA Clippers have now lost five straight games in the Westbrook era following their tough defeat against the Sacramento Kings on Friday.


In an appearance on the“Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED,” House stated that while Westbrook is indeed a part of the problem, he is not the main reason for the Clippers’ struggles. He instead pointed to a team-wide issue that has contributed to the team’s inconsistency.

“Look at the team! It’s a team issue,” House said. “Yes, he’s part of the problem, but is he the main reason? Hell no.”

Westbrook has been the recipient of severe scrutiny since joining the Clippers. While some fans would like to blame Russell Westbrook, they can’t since he had his best game as a Clipper. Westbrook finished the Clippers’ 128-127 loss against the Kings with 27 points, two rebounds, and ten assists.


Many believe that the addition of Westbrook to the mix has contributed to the team’s downward slide. House, on the other hand, suggested that the team’s troubles are not primarily the fault of the former MVP and that the entire team must take accountability for their shortcomings.

“Russell Westbrook is an easy target, but it’s not just him,” House said. “It’s the whole team. They’ve got to figure it out together.”

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The Clippers must address team-wide issues to turn season around

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In a sudden turn of events, the Los Angeles Clippers have dropped from the No. 4 seed to the No. 8 seed in just five games. The recent losing streak has put them in a precarious position as they are now ranked as a play-in team, and if the slump continues, it could spell trouble for their playoff hopes.


In the last five games, their defense has taken a major nose dive. This has made it almost impossible for them to win against any team. In their first game after the break against the Sacramento Kings, they surrendered a total of 176 points, which is the second-highest score in an NBA game.

The Clippers will need their entire team to step up their game. The recent losses have highlighted some of the team’s weaknesses, particularly on the defensive end. The Clippers will need to tighten up their defense if they hope to compete against the top teams in the league.

Despite the recent setbacks, the Clippers are still a talented team with the potential to make a deep playoff run. However, they will need to turn things around quickly if they hope to do so. With just a handful of games left in the regular season, the Clippers must step up their game and put their recent struggles behind them.

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