“Only starting to embrace his GOAT tag”- LeBron James ties Michael Jordan in Unique Scoring Milestone

LeBron James joins Michael Jordan for a unique scoring record.

LeBron James and Michael Jordan
LeBron James and Michael Jordan

Just a week ago LeBron James blew out 37 candles on his birthday cake and became one of the oldest players in the league this season. But as the saying goes, Age is Just Number, well, the Lakers superstar is proving it correct. Since turning 37, LeBron has been the center of a lot of consternation in regard to his performativity on the court.

Everyone has their opinions and facts but nobody is ready to acknowledge the basic fact that LeBron is at the peak of his fitness. Age is just the number of years one has lived but the biological age is the factor that keeps one going irrespective of how many years they have walked on this earth. And, LeBron isn’t biologically old.

The 17-Time-NBA All-Star is still giving the young blood of this a run for their money this season as he never ceases to dominate the court; both offensively and defensively.

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LeBron James ties Michael Jordan in a unique Scoring Milestone

Michael Jordan on LeBron James
LeBron James Michael Jordan

The LA Lakers and LeBron James are definitely welcomed by unexpected events since the season began as this elite team entered this season as one of the biggest and strongest teams but currently, they are even sure if they’ll survive the playoffs.

The roster gathered by the Lakers accounts for a big deal of talent if compared to the other teams but it just remained on the paper. On one side the Lakers are tanking and on the other side, LeBron is having one of the best seasons a 37 year ever had in this league like Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan is a name known and respected by all not just in basketball but across the globe. He dominated the court like no one and set a benchmark for players to refer from. Jordan might not have a streamlined career in basketball considering he left for a season or two to play baseball, but still, he was intimidating enough to make his opponents lose any hope of winning when facing him on the court.

When Jordan turned 35, he was 5 time MVP and averaged 29.5 points per game.

At the age of 36, Jordan retired after leading the Chicago Bulls to win the 1998 NBA Championship. This was his second three-peat. Everyone thought that MJ is finally not gonna come back but the legend had thoughts of it winning.

After two seasons he came back. Yes, he took back his retirement and joined the Washing Wizards’ 2001-02 team. He may not have led the Wizards to an NBA championship but he raised their performance bar by a significant margin he was doing all this at the age of 39.

He became the oldest player ever to score over 40 points in a game while averaging 20 points PPG. Many came and went but the records stayed there piled up with the dusty layers but seems like the wait is finally over.

During the Lakers’ recent match against the Sacramento Kings, LeBron James dropped 31 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists. This was his 25th 30 pointer game making him tie with Michael Jordan as the oldest player to score 25-30 points in a game.

The only players who have scored more than 30 points after turning 36 are Kareem-Abdul Jabbar and Karl Malone.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar Karl Malone
Kareem Abdul Jabbar (L) and Karl Malone (R)

Even though James is still at the prime of his fitness still the recent injuries have taken a toll on his body and this may lead to an injury that could bother LeBron even beyond basketball.

The Lakers have won their last three games consecutively showcasing stability that was required since the beginning of this season. They will face the Atlanta Hawks this Friday and the fans can only wish that they continue their current play method and take home the win.

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