“Russell Westbrook does not deserve to be a Laker” Stephen A Smith calls out 9-time NBA All-Star for his seemingly casual attitude towards the franchise

Russell Westbrook faced some honest and fairly brutal criticism from the NBA Analyst Stephen A Smith who said he doesn’t deserve to be a Laker.

Russell Westbrook and Stephen A Smith
Russell Westbrook and Stephen A Smith

Russell Westbrook has been at the centre of criticism for the entire NBA World as the player hasn’t only had disappointing performances but now he has also started making disappointing statements in the post-match press conference where he said certain things which didn’t really fit well with Stephen A Smith or anyone else for that matter who follows the Lakers or knows about their legacy. At this point, it seems as if Westbrook isn’t someone who deserves to carry forward the Lakers’ legacy which isn’t of quitters, but of the ones who have dared to stand up and get the franchise 17 NBA Championships, and Westbrook seems to be doing the exact opposite of what they want and stand for.

Stephen A Smith went all out against Russell Westbrook who seems to have given up on himself and his team, which isn’t something Stephen A stands for, as the analyst starts questioning Westbrook’s credibility for being called a Laker as he doesn’t do anything to back up the team’s or his own legacy which is now in shambles after poor performances from the player and the entire team for that matter. Westbrook has been averaging his worst numbers since the 2009-10 season as the player averages 18.1 points, 7.7 rebounds and 7.3 assists this season.

All this while as Westbrook was trying to hype his team up saying that “it is 0-0 when we get to the playoffs”, he now seems to have given up on all hopes of the team even getting into the playoffs, forget anything more than that. Westbrook, courtesy to his terrible performances has been facing the heat of the entire NBA World lately, and despite his own performances being slumpy, the player seems to be giving up on his team saying he had no expectations while he should be finding ways to rectify his own mistakes.

Let us take a closer look at what Stephen A Smith had to say about Russell Westbrook as the player seemingly gave up on his team in a post-match press conference.

Stephen A Smith calls Russell Westbrook unworthy of the “Laker” tag

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith

Stephen A Smith was brutally honest on his opinions that he had in reactions to the statement made by Russell Westbrook where he said that he had no expectations from his team in their match against the Clippers.

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Stephen A went on to say that he in his quarter-century career as an NBA Analyst hadn’t heard any Laker say that they had no expectations from the team and added that Russell Westbrook doesn’t deserve to be called a Laker, and this doesn’t come from his poor performances, but rather from the things that he recently said.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Smith highlighted that the Lakers had 17-titles to their name and that wouldn’t have happened if they had no expectations from themselves and if they gave up on themselves as easily as Westbrook did. Smith while agreeing to the fact that Westbrook had been targeted very often this entire season also stated that this time the criticism was valid and what he said was wrong.

Stephen A also said that Westbrook doesn’t have the right to give up on his team and make such lame statements because his teammates are LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who brought in Westbrook to their squad for a purpose, and Westbrook wasn’t even fulfilling the team’s requirements.

Smith seemed pissed off about Westbrook’s statements in all ways and felt that the player shouldn’t have made such statements in the post-game press conference which is viewed by everyone and most importantly the Lakers Fandom which is waiting for their team to give them some positives but are getting nothing but disappointment from their players who don’t perform on court and make such illogical statements off-court.


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