Russell Westbrook left frustrated at reporter over ‘JA Morant’ question that triggered him

Russell Westbrook annoyed over sharing his point guard perspective on JA Morant as Grizzlies end Lakers winning streak.

Russell Westbrook and JA Morant
Russell Westbrook and JA Morant

When the Los Angeles Lakers and Russell Westbrook were finally seen coming back to their form after their four consecutive wins, JA Morant and his Memphis Grizzlies dragged them down to the pits of despair. And, that too in an impressive and comprehensive fashion.

The Grizzlies defeated the Lakers with a 127-119 final score and won their ninth consecutive game, the highest streak after Chicago Bulls in this season. Although LeBron James tried to compensate for his teammate’s bad play and to win the game again by showing his one-man show, even that didn’t work for the Lakers.

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Russell Westbrook annoyed over sharing his point guard perspective on JA Morant

Steven Adams, Russel Westbrook, JA Morant
Steven Adams, Russel Westbrook, JA Morant

Russell Westbrook’s bad form was considered as the primary reason for the loss of the Lakers, as he is the point guard of the team and it’s his responsibility to keep the ball moving in the favor of the Lakers. But Westbrook scored his lowest season score of only six points, this was his season-worst game which build the moment for Grizzlies victory.

At the post-game press conference, when Westbrook was asked about “his point guard perspective” on JA Morant, which Westbrook replied with muttering “that’s funny” in a sarcastic tone.

It was clear from his face that he doesn’t consider himself as the true point guard for the Lakers although the PG is mentioned in front of his name in the box score. Westbrook in this season is running through the worst phase of his career right now.

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What else is bugging Westbrook?

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Moreover, from the rest of the Lakers Westbrook was seen most frustrated after getting embarrassed by their conference rivals and facing the defeat at the home ground but it seems that something else is also bugging Westbrook under the table which he is not expressing in front of everyone.

Let’s see how Russell Westbrook and the LA Lakers perform in their next game against the Sacramento Kings. It will be interesting to watch whether Westbrook overcome his problem to bring the Lakers back on the track

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