“Stephen Curry is like their MJ” – Draymond Green discusses Steph Curry and Klay Thompson’s impact on young basketball kids

Draymond Green praises fellow teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and also goes on to call Steph Curry the Michael jordan of this generation.

Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green
Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green

Stephen Curry may not be the one which iron-like body statue but the man makes a difference on the court. His presence exerts a threat, dominance like a predator that hunts down its prey in the most merciless way possible.

The late Kobe Bryant wasn’t wrong when he said that Stephen’s calmness on the court makes him more dangerous than the loud ones on the court. Curry has time and again proven why he is called the game changer as he has entirely changed the mold of a point guard and made a one that is more decorated than the stereotypical one.

When Curry was drafted he surely didn’t have the required  body proportions but with time that skinny Davidson kid gained muscles and won two consecutive MVPs and les his team to three NBA finals. And, when Klay Thompson joined the Warriors than it was just took the productivity a notch higher.

Draymond Green: “Stephen Curry is like Michael Jordan”

Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry
Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry

Draymond Green has been absent for the Golden State Warriors‘ last couple of matches due to a left calf injury and would be also absent on Friday in the Warriors’ match against the Chaco Bulls, who are currently ruling the Eastern Conference. Without Green on the roster, the Warriors did hit a defense slump but let’s hope he will play against the Minnesota Timberwolves on Monday.

On the recent episode of Uninterrupted‘s Throwing Bones, Draymond Green made a guest appearance where he talked about his fellow teammates Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson and how he thinks Stephen Curry is the Michael Jordan of this generation.

 “Steph is like their MJ. Oh man, Steph Curry shoot the sh*t out the ball. Klay Thompson shoot the sh*t out the ball. Do you see how they shoot ball?” Green said. “People’s eyes is like, oh, you have to shoot 3s in order to beat them, and so the game copies that.”

He added, “Then you see these young kids come in, and it’s like Steph is their MJ. Everybody shoot the long 3. You walk in the gym, you see little kids f***ing slanging that thing from 40 feet out, but that’s the Steph Curry and Klay Thompson effect.”

It is surely a very bold statement to make but facts being considered both Steph and Klay do possess a lot of influence on the younger generation. Their splash shooting, drive-in, ball-handling is often what the kids want to replicate and their distinguishable talent from the rest makes them the perfect role model especially Curry who is changing the game and the definition of Post guard.

Still, it doesn’t answer our question of whether Stephen Curry is the new Michael Jordon or not? I think he is the Stephen Curry of this generation like MJ was Air Jordan of his generation. Both are decades apart and the game has drastically changed. So, dwelling on the past and making it a benchmark to rank today’s players is no justice to their hard work or talent.

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