“That’s why you were benched” Twitter hilariously trolls Russell Westbrook for almost breaking Torrey Craig’s nose

The Lakers marquee, Russell Westbrook is being trolled now, for the in-game incident involving Torrey Craig.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers are falling off yet again in the 2021-22 season, after an extraordinary victory over the Utah Jazz. In the wake of going three games without the flavor of success, the Lakers will presently hope to keep this force as they take on the Indiana Pacers at home. During the game, things got harsh as Russell Westbrook left a Pacers’ player draining subsequent to making an effort.

Russell Westbrook

While attempting to hit a three, Russell Westbrook’s hand hit Torrey Craig, who began bleeding from the nose. To add to the misery of Brodie, fans yet again launched an attack on him when he was decided to be benched during the last five minutes of the Lakers vs Pacers showdown.

NBA Twitter trolled Russell Westbrook for making the match bloody

Russ came in pre-arranged this evening as he had his shooting address. The previous MVP went 3-3 from downtown for the underlying piece of the game. Be that as it may, while endeavouring another three, he inadvertently swiped all over, which left the player dying. At first, the foul was asked for the favour of Russ, yet later toppled into an offensive foul.

Twitter went crazy after the incident and started trolling Westbrook over the incident. Many were even trolling Westbrook over him being benched by the Lakers management, which many people have started speculating in the Twitter threads as the start of final days of Russell with the Lakers.

Westbrook came in as probably the greatest signing of the off-season. Nonetheless, with the manner in which the season has advanced, he has battled to get things going. Particularly in ongoing games where his offensive creation has diminished. Shockingly, he got going the game hot against the Pacers going wonderful from downtown.

Brodie, who has had his shooting droops as of late, has not been large and in charge. As yet attempting to observe his fit, Westbrook ventured his offensive game up. He came in forceful right of the bat and contributed well for the Lakers. At the midpoint, Westbrook had ordered 9 points with every one of them falling off three-pointers.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook

Once more obviously, LeBron James is the pick of the players, driving the way. The 4 time MVP has added 18 points, 8 rebounds, and 4 assists up until this point. Talen Horton Tucker is likewise in his mood, scoring 10 points while shooting 4-5 from the field.

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