“There’s just no place in our game for it”-Kyrie Irving suggests ‘honest but true’ advice to Nassir Little after dangerous play

Kyrie Irving displeased with Nassir Little's dive on his ankle during Nets' most recent encounter with Portland Trail Blazers.

Kyrie Irving and Nassir Little
Kyrie Irving and Nassir Little

On Monday, the Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving was back into action and appeared for his second game of this season. The Nets faced were up against the Portland Trail Blazers but an accident that transpired during the match shocked the whole arena. During the game, the Blazers’ forward Nassir Little dived to get the possession of the ball right onto the ankle of Irving which might have injured him.

The Nets lost their match against the Blazers with 114-108, but during the post-game press conference, the most concerned topic was whether Kyrie Irving’s injury is serious or not?

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Kyrie Irving annoyed over Nassir Little dive on his ankle

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving

While talking to the media about the accident Irving expressed his honest thoughts on Nassir’s dive. “Just one of those bad plays, you know. I tried to get out of the way, but I just thought that was just, it was unnecessary for him to dive that far away from the ball. I was just trying to get out of the way.”

Further, Irving added, “I asked the ref, you know he’s got to protect players out there, just totally unnecessary, I get Nassir wants to go for the ball, but just a bad play, it’s all good. I could’ve broke my ankle or done something worse. There’s just no place in our game for it. I get the intent from Nassir… but it could’ve been avoided.”

The Former NBA champion clarified that he knew that Nassir’s intention was just to get the ball but he was displeased by how the Blazers’ forward acted during the game. Initially, the injury might have looked serious but later Kyrie Irving confirmed that there is no big issue and he will play his next game against the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday.

When Nets Head Coach Steve Nash was asked about the injury, he replied that Irving’s condition is alright. “Kyrie rolling his ankle, that doesn’t help you add it up and it’s just a really tough ask, we’ll see, you know, he’s alright, he finished the game but it was a pretty good little turn of the ankle,” said Steve Nash.

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Brooklyn Nets now in the second position

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving
Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

Moreover, Kyrie Irving finished the game by scoring 22 points, 8 rebounds, and four assists but was not enough to bring victory to the team. After this game, the Nets have lost their fifth consecutive match-up which has placed them in the second seed of the Eastern Conference with 25-14.

Meanwhile, the Blazers have improved their record 16-24 and their teamwork was clearly seen in the game. All the starting players played their roles and their three players scored more than 20 points which have led them to the tenth seed in the Western Conference.

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