“They deserve a play-in spot more than Lakers” Fans calls out LeBron James and Co. after San Antonio Spurs upset dominant Golden State Warriors

Many are questioning LeBron James and Lakers if they are deserving of a play-in tournament and pick San Antonio Spurs as worthy competitors after they won against the Golden State Warriors,.

The Lakers and LeBron James in their recent encounter with the Washington Wizards faced another loss, as the Lakers keep falling down the Western Conference, it has made people start thinking if the Lakers are deserving to play in the NBA Play-in Tournament? The San Antonio Spurs have shocked the Golden State Warriors in their win against the dub nation.

LeBron James and Co. keep tumbling down the league

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LeBron James against the San Antonio Spurs

The Lakers have had a disappointing season with a season record of 3-7. It is not the sort of standard we have been accustomed to seeing from the purple and gold. LeBron James and Co. have got a lot of work to do, they are sitting 10th in the Western Conference, which is a spot for the Play-in tournament. Things look very dicey for the Lakers, as they have tumbled down from 8th to 9th and are currently 10th in the west, it won’t be a surprise if they fall down to 11th, but it will be a huge disappointment for them.

The Lakers have got themselves in the habit of falling behind during games, which has made them play catchup most of the games, there has not been a single game where the Lakers have taken command of the game or got their act together. The Lakers are defensively out of place. Things only get hard with Anthony Davis still out injured, Davis is like a piece of glass at the moment, which is cracking and breaking with any sort of challenge.

The Lakers do not deserve it but will make it to the Play-in Tournament

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LeBron James

The Lakers and LeBron James though the latter deserving of playoffs, the former as a collective is not deserving of even playing the Play-in tournament. The San Antonio Spurs who defeated a Curry-less Warriors have given the crowd something to talk about. They have made people raise questions about them deserving to play in the Play-in tournament rather than the Lakers. The Spurs took the game right to 3/10th of a second to clinch a 3-point victory over them ending the game at 110-108. A much deserving victory for the Spurs. The Warriors have now lost Stephen Curry to an ankle injury, but they remain optimistic with Draymond Green back in the line-up.

LeBron James and the Lakers are just 2 wins ahead of the Spurs, and things as they stand, it could be anyone’s spot for the taking, the Lakers are going to face stern tests from teams above them in the league, the Spurs will also be facing the same fate but, after last night outing, it looks as if the Spurs have the spirit to fight to get it. it will be an exciting run to the last game of the regular season.

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