“When you’re from Akron, you’re not from Cleveland”: LeBron James on going home for the NBA All-Star Game

While saying that he didn’t want to disrespect Cleveland, LeBron James reiterated that he is from Akron, and not Cleveland.

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James isn’t very enthusiastic about what people term as his “homecoming”, and he says that he doesn’t want to disrespect anyone while pointing out that him being from Akron and him being form Cleveland is different, and therefore the NBA All-Star games being held in Cleveland isn’t specifically his homecoming. The NBA All-Star game is going to be held in Cleveland, which is the team LeBron James played for, for a really long time and even revived the team, bringing them multiple championships all through his own effort.

LeBron James, the reviver of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team based out of Ohio wasn’t very convinced about people calling the NBA All-Star game being held in Cleveland his homecoming as he stated that being from Akron and being from Cleveland were far from same and Akron, Ohio is originally where he belongs to, and not Cleveland, Ohio.

LeBron James vs Curry
LeBron James in Cleveland

With what might seem to be a very controversial statement to make about his “hometown” or rather his “homecoming”, LeBron made his intentions and views very clear and was straight to the point in answering questions people asked him, highlighting to them the importance of him being from Akron.

Let us take a closer look into this issue and go through what LeBron had to say about the dispute.

LeBron James makes it clear, he isn’t from Cleveland, but Ohio

LeBron James
LeBron James

The NBA All-Star game being held in Cleveland, Ohio has made it necessary for LeBron to point out and let the people know where he belongs to and what should actually be called as his home despite all the heart that he put in to revive and rescue the Cleveland Cavaliers team and what “almost” became his “hometown”.

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When asked what he felt about his “homecoming” as the man would make his 19th All-Star appearance in Cleveland this time, James felt important to highlight that his hometown was Akron and not Cleveland, while also stating that by saying this, he meant no disrespect to the city of Cleveland, which once was his home. LeBron stated, “People always say, ‘You’re going back home.’ But I tell people all the time, ‘I’m not from Cleveland.’ There’s no disrespect to Cleveland. But, when you’re from Akron, you’re not from Cleveland. This is where I’m from.”


LeBron James, clutch moments

What LeBron implies when he says this is that despite all his efforts to rescue the Cavaliers and winning the titles for them, his hometown shall still remain the city of Akron, which has its identity based in LeBron James, who seems like the perfect representative for a city which considers him their goat.

Let us take a closer look into the relationship between the city of Akron and their very of LeBron James who hasn’t forgotten his roots and still gives it the credit it deserves.

LeBron James and the city of Akron

LeBron James
LeBron James

LeBron James is inscribed In the city of Akron, which considers him it’s GOAT and therefore represents his presence everywhere you go in or around it. LeBron James, who at one point was the most famous high school baller, and has now become the Icon of basketball in this generation is present everywhere in the small city, be it in its basketball courts, its parks, its schools or for a fact, even its stores.

“Just a kid from Akron” which is LeBron’s catchphrase points out that his identity originates from the city he belongs to and therefore calling any other city his hometown or him going there his homecoming would be disrespectful to his legacy and therefore wouldn’t be a right thing to do, keeping in mind already how little people think of “Akron” and how it is disrespected more than often.


Just A Kid from Akron

LeBron James once had a few things to say about his real hometown, Akron, and he said, “When you grow up in Akron, Ohio, you already feel like no one cares about you too much. And the only people that really care about you are the ones from that town. When you are in certain community centers, in certain gyms, you look for inspiration — people who came before you, people who were already there.”

LeBron with all the things that he owns and the legacy that he carries has also done a lot for his hometown and hasn’t just kept it limited to his words and statements, reiterating that it isn’t just a city to him, but it is something that is associated with his feelings, again reiterating that he isn’t from Cleveland but Akron and therefore, he shall always remain, “Just a kid from Akron”

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