Where does Draymond Green live? All Houses owned by Draymond Green

Here’s what you need to know about Draymond Green’s houses and real estate properties. 

Where does Draymond Green live? All Houses owned by Draymond Green

Draymond Green’ real estate portfolio (Credits: AP, dirt)

Dubs superstar Draymond Green has long earned his place in the heart of his fans. Despite the power forward’s prominence and popularity, Green has had a notorious reputation for losing his cool on the court. Amid all the speculations regarding the NBA star, exactly how much do we know about Draymond Green’s real estate properties and houses? And exactly where does the Warriors forward live?


Since being drafted into the NBA in 2012, Green has earned an impressive amount of fortune from his career. Quite like other NBA celebrities, Draymond has also invested in a number of real estate properties. His $9.6 million glamorous mansion in Los Angeles and $7 million penthouse in San Francisco are some of the pieces in that line.

With his impressive wealth, Green can very well live in some of the best properties in the US. Although the power forward has to be on the move during gameweeks, Draymond prefers to stay with his family when he’s not. Currently living in Brentwood, Los Angeles, here’s what you need to know about Draymond Green’s houses and real estate properties.

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Where Does Draymond Green Live?

Golden State Warriors power forward Draymond Green resides in the elite neighborhood of Brentwood, Los Angeles, California. The marvelous $9.6 million mansion spreads across a beautifully manicured estate in one of the most secure communities in LA.

Draymond Green's house
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The property itself is a sight to behold with its large front yard that spawns across over half an acre of land. With six suite-like bedrooms upstairs and elegant living spaces, the main house has been designed to perfection.

The dining room and gourmet kitchen feature a unique marble countertop while the studies and lounging areas feature bronze chandeliers and fireplaces. The property has all the modern amenities, upholding a statement of luxury.

Draymond Green house lawn sitting area
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The mansion also has a single-bedroom guesthouse on the other end of the estate. The luxurious pool, Barbeque spaces and two-car garage are among the other commodities outdoors.


Draymond Green originally bought the estate between 2019-2020 for $9.6 million. The current market price, however, is estimated to be over $10 million. 

Address: Brentwood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Properties owned by Draymond Green 

Draymond’s property choices have been precise yet suave. Other than his Los Angeles $9.6 million grand estate, Green also owns a luxurious penthouse in San Francisco.

Draymond Green's house exterior
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His four-bedroom condo is priced at $7 million and is almost identical to a mansion atop a skyscraper. Here’s what you need to know about Draymond Green’s other properties, namely his San Francisco penthouse.


Penthouse in San Francisco

Draymond Green’s penthouse in San Francisco is located in SoMa, Bay Area. The elite neighborhood and the breathtaking view from his top-floor condo is a spectacle in itself.

Draymond green house
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The property costs $7 million in the market as of today. The luxurious penthouse features four bedrooms and spacious yet modern living spaces.

The size of the apartment is almost identical to a luxury mansion on the rooftop of a skyscraper. Green is said to have originally bought the property amazed by its breathtaking view of the city.

Address: SoMa, Bay Area, San Francisco, United States.



Q. Where is Draymond Green’s current abode?

Draymond Green lives in his Brentwood mansion in Los Angeles, California.

Q. How old is Draymond Green?

Draymond Green is 33 years old.

Q. Which team does Draymond Green play for now?

Draymond Green plays for the Golden State Warriors.

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