“Why am I so dumb” Klay Thompson in tears after costing Warriors a win against Magic in clutch-time

Klay Thompson is distraught after his stupid play against the Orlando Magic, which cost GSW the match.

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson has had to see the face of adversity right with his comeback in the Golden State Warriors after a gap of 2 years, which was caused by an injury that he suffered, and this time, the injury isn’t at any normal place, this time Klay suffers an injury on his heart as it aches, it aches due to a stupid mistake committed by Klay which cost his team the entire game against a “terrible” team like the Orlando Magic. The Golden State Warriors suffered yet another loss, this time to the Wendell Carter Jr. led Orlando Magic, extending their losing streak to 3.

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson

The Warriors have already suffered enough in the absence of Klay Thompson that that they now can’t suffer any more in his presence, the presence that should mark the onset of good things, but is instead doing them more damage than they would’ve ever imagined. Thompson’s comeback after such a long layoff was marked with a very short span of happiness, and now, the player has to face the bitter heat of the Warriors fandom and the team due to a stupid mistake made by him, which ruined the Warriors’ chances of getting an easy dub against their rivals.

A match which was presumed to be an easy one soon turned the Warriors fans against one half of their splash brothers, Klay Thompson, making him the villain of the game as he ruined their chances of winning “on purpose” in clutch time. The missing number 30 jersey in the Warriors’ squad seems to be hitting them pretty hard as the team now suffered a loss to their rivals, who were supposed to be an easy game as stated by the Warriors’ Draymond Green, who seemed so disappointed that he called his team and their style of play “stupid”.

Well, Stephen Curry did manage to carry the Warriors in the absence of Thompson, but it doesn’t seem like the latter will be able to do the same.

The pressure is now piling up on Klay, who just returned to play and is only getting acclimatized to the atmosphere in the NBA. Let us take a closer look at the happenings in the game and this sequence where Thompson became the villain for his own team.

Klay Thompson ruins the game for the Warriors with stupid play, costing them the entire game

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson
Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson

The Golden State Warriors lost their third straight match, and this time it was to the “terrible” Orlando Magic team, which managed to get an easy dub against the away team, thanks to their marquee player’s stupid play. The Warriors fans are equally pissed off at Klay Thompson as much as he is at himself, and it visibly shows in his reactions after making one of the dumbest moves seen in the recent past.

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Just over 17 seconds remain on the clock in the 4th quarter as the Magic’s Cole Anthony has the ball to himself, is covered from almost all directions and is trying to find some space to pass the ball to his teammates, or rather shoot it. Anthony drives and tries to get inside the paint area as he is guarded by Thompson who was taken aback as the former tried to cross him. Anthony pulls back and passes the ball to Franz Wagner, who pulls up and shoots the ball, Klay comes in contact with Wagner and commits a defensive foul which grants the Magic 3 free-throws.

Klay Thompson is seemingly distraught as the emotional player shakes his head and goes to the bench crying, following which, the entire team came to console him, but it didn’t seem to be doing much help to the player, who entirely took the blame on himself even though eh knows he came back to play after a 2-year break and is still kind of rusty.

A user commented, “I’m not mad at this loss and i don’t blame Klay for this. He just came back from 2 major injuries so i wouldn’t expect him to play like his old self. Hopefully he gonna figure it out soon, season is not yet over man. I still have faith for this team” which is something that everyone agrees to, there are still many games left, and the season is not yet over!

Let us now take a look at the game between the Orlando Magic and the Golden State Warriors.

Golden State Warriors vs Orlando Magic, 90-94

Draymond Green and Klay Thompson
Draymond Green and Klay Thompson

The Orlando Magic got the better of Golden State Warriors as they handed the Warriors their 3rd straight loss, further worsening their troubles despite the team having a comfortable cushion with them in order to qualify for the playoffs. This does nothing but harm the morale of the players who will look forward to get as many wins as they can.

In an inadequate effort and a bit of stupid plays, the Golden State Warriors were led by Jordan Poole who score 26 points, followed by Klay Thompson who scored 15 points, and Jonathan Kuminga and Otto Porter Jr. who scored 14 points each.

Warriors vs Magic Highlights

The Magic were led by Wendell Carter Jr. who scored 19 points, followed by Franz Wagner who scored 18 points and then Cole Anthony who score 14 points.  

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