New Shirou Character in Garena Free Fire

We take a look at Shirou in Garena Free Fire.


Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the market right now. Likewise the game has gained massive popularity around the world. It’s popularity is due to several features present in the game. One of these factors, is the variety of characters present in the game. Free Fire characters are all very unique and different. Every character has a different unique ability that they can use. These abilities have a variety of effects that may even be game changing. There is a new character arriving in the game known as Shirou Garena Free Fire.

OB26 Update and New character

The developers have recently unveiled the latest update that is going to hit live servers called OB26. This update comes after the massive success of patch OB25.

With this new patch, the release of a new character is on the horizon. This new character is rumoured to be named Shirou and is the latest male character that will be released in the game.

New Shirou Character in Garena Free Fire: Abilities revealed


Shirou Garena Free Fire is the latest character to be leaked. This new character is described as the fastest delivery guy around in the game description.

Moreover he has a passive ability called Damage Delivered. This ability marks the first enemy player that hits the player. This mark is only visible to the user and has a duration of 7 seconds. Moreover the first shot on the marked enemy has 90% additional armor penetration. This new character is expected to perform well in the game as the ability is very good.

This new character is expected to hit the live servers soon enough.

(Note: This character is still in testing and may change in the future.)

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