NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell links up with BCCI secretary Jay Shah in New York amid T20 World Cup’s buzz

Roger Goodell aims to expand the NFL's reach to other parts of the world after meeting with Cricket heavyweight Jay Shah.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell links up with BCCI secretary Jay Shah in New York amid T20 World Cup’s buzz

NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell met BCCI Secretary Jay Shah (Image via IMAGO/ X)

As America hosts its first-ever Cricket World Cup, BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) secretary Jay Shah met with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at the league headquarters in New York on Monday. A monumental moment that could open doors for both sports in the respective countries.

Shah was representing the IPL (Indian Premier League), a 20-over tournament that has taken the sports world by storm. Although still in its infancy compared to the NFL, the India-based event continues to gain recognition throughout the globe.

Unlike the NFL, which is comprised of 32 teams divided into two conferences and divisions, the IPL only has 10 and follows a league system. It has tapped into the Indian as well as the markets throughout cricket-loving nations.

The NFL is a much older competition and its rich heritage always draws a large attention. So, it will be mutually beneficial for both parties for an expansion.

Cricket has latched onto the diverse diaspora of the United States of America. The popularity of the sport has skyrocketed after the National team defeated the much-revered Pakistan side in the World Cup.

Jay Shah arrived at the NFL’s New York HQ and gifted an Indian team Jersey to Commissioner Roger Goodell with his name on the back. BCCI’s official X (Twitter) account shared a video of the big meet.

BCCI Honorary Secretary, Mr. @JayShah, visited the @NFL headquarters in New York to meet with Commissioner Mr. Roger Goodell and his distinguished team. This introductory meeting focused on sharing best practices, exchanging ideas, and elevating fan engagement and experiences.
BCCI captioned the video

The 2024 NFL season will kick off on September 8 between the Dallas Cowboys and the Cleveland Browns. The Playoffs are slated to start from January 11, 2025.

Rodger Goodell should aim to attract Asian audience to the NFL

Gridiron was already big in most parts of the world. However, the majority of the fans who follow football are based in the US or English-speaking countries. Last year saw a massive jump in viewership after Taylor Swift started attending games to cheer for her boyfriend and the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell links up with BCCI secretary Jay Shah in New York amid T20 World Cup's buzz
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes lifts the Lombardi Trophy after winning Super Bowl LVIII (Image via IMAGO)

Associated Press revealed the Super Bowl LVIII blew previous ones out of the water with its viewership ratings. An average of 123.5 million people tuned in to watch the conclusion of America’s game.

Swift’s association opened new doors for the NFL and Commissioner Goodell welcomed the newfound exposure with open arms. However, there’s a new opportunity at hand.

With Cricket gaining traction in America, the NFL could also do the same by introducing football to India and adjoining Asian nations. It will only increase more eyes on the game. If Goodell can attract a fraction of the 620 million viewers that watched the IPL final, then the NFL’s popularity will be unprecedented.

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