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“My husband cannot f***ing throw & catch the ball at the same time”: Gisele & Tom Brady breaks silence on the famous Super Bowl incident

Tom Brady and his wife Gisele talked about the famous incident which transpired after the Patriots lost Super Bowl XLVI.

Gisele and Tom Brady

Tom Brady is an absolute legend in the world of the NFL. Often regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, there aren’t many days when Brady takes the field and no record gets shattered. The superstar QB spent his first 20 seasons with the New England Patriots and completely transformed the fate of his side.

Moreover, what is even more baffling is the fact that he is in his mid-40s and is continuing to rule the game. However, as is often the case is, when someone has dominated the game for so long, he is bound to attract haters. Today we are going to talk about one incident which ruled the headlines for quite some time.

In the latest episode of Man in the Arena, the ESPN+ docuseries that covers the life of Tom Brady, the events which unfolded after the Patriots’ 21–17 loss to the Giants in Super Bowl XLVI were discussed. After the game had ended, Tom’s wife Gisele Bundchen was surrounded by people who were seemingly angry with Brady.

“You can’t say THAT”: Tom Brady reflects on the famous statement by his wife after the Super Bowl XLVI loss

Gisele and Tom Brady

Fed up with what was happening, Gisele had famously said, “my husband cannot f***ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” As one would expect, the clip went viral in no time. In the docuseries episode, Tom and Gisele broke silence on how this incident impacted them.

Explained what had happened that night when she was near the locker room area Gisele said, “So now we have to walk to the freakin’ elevator. And these guys who probably had a few drinks as well were like, ‘Your husband sucks, and Eli Manning owns your husband. He’s old. He’s gotta retire. Just tell him to go home and cry like a baby.'”

That’s when Gisele said the famous line that made the headlines soon after. “We got back to the hotel,” recalled Brady, “and I remember laying in bed because I didn’t sleep that night either and I was just laying in bed and she said, ‘I just wanna let you know I said something.’ I said, ‘You can’t say THAT!’”

Gisele then added, “I thought I was mild on what I said. It’s true. How can he do everything? He can’t catch and throw the ball at the same time. That’s just the fact. I knew how hurt he was gonna be. And you don’t want someone saying that about your husband. That’s a no. A no situation. Don’t do that.”

Gisele also made it absolutely clear that her comments were never about wide receiver Wes Welker. “The next morning when they made it about Wes, it broke my heart,” she said. “Are you kidding me? That’s like the hardest-working guy I know on that team.

Welker’s response is also recorded in the docuseries. He can be seen saying, “I know where her heart is. I know who she is. I almost agreed with her at the time. I was more mad at myself.”

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