“Is Cooper Kupp clairvoyant?” – The star WR knew he would win a Super Bowl MVP after Super Bowl LIII loss to the Patriots

Cooper Kupp reveals he knew the Rams would win a Super Bowl and he would be the SB MVP after their crushing loss to the Patriots in SUper Bowl LIII

Cooper Kupp
Cooper Kupp

Los Angeles Rams are the Super Bowl LVI champions! They entered the game as the favorites to win and stayed on the path as the Rams lifted the Lombardi Trophy.

The Bengals had the upper hand over the Los Angeles as they were leading in the game. But Matthew Stafford came in clutch along with his favorite receiver, Cooper Kupp, as they both led the Rams to a fourth quarter touchdown that pretty much guaranteed their victory.

“GOD revealed to me we were gonna win the Super Bowl” – Cooper Kupp shares he knew all along about SB victory

Cooper Kupp with his family
Cooper Kupp with his family

The Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl LVI was obviously awarded to Cooper Kupp who was the main player who turned the game in the Rams’ favor. Kupp and Stafford combined for a crucial game-winning drive in the 4th quarter as they managed to convert the most crucial 4th down and 1 which was later capped off by a Kupp touchdown. This gave the Rams lead with less than 1:30 left on the clock.

After winning the MVP, Cooper Kupp shared an amazing tidbit from his past in the interview. He talked about the scarifies of his family and fellow teammates that led them to this amazing moment. He was especially thankful for his wife, Anna Marie who has been with him since high school. “She knows the sacrifices because she’s lived the scarifies herself as well”, Kupp said. He was overwhelmed seeing his family from the podium holding the Lombardi Trophy in his hand.

“There was a, in 2019 we walked off the field that last time after losing to the Patriots”, Kupp said holding his son Cooper Jr. in one arm. “I wasn’t able to be a part of that thing but I don’t know what it was. There was just this vision God revealed to me that we were gonna come back, we were gonna be part of a Super Bowl we were gonna win it and somehow I was gonna walk off the field as the MVP of the game. I shared that with my wife because I couldn’t tell anyone else obviously what that was.”

Cooper Kupp had a fairytale season this year. He won the receiving triple crown, Offensive Player of the Year, and the Super Bowl MVP. Legendary receiver Jerry Rice is the only WR in NFL history to do all of those things in an entire career. Kupp did all that in a single season. Cooper Kupp has exceeded the expectations of everybody in the NFL and established himself as one of the greatest WR of the game.

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