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“It’s a great test”: Patrick Mahomes excited to face the Vic Fangio’s defense in the season finale

Patrick Mahomes feels that facing the Broncos will help him and Chiefs in their offensive performance going into postseason

Patrick Mahomes and Vic Fangio

Kansas City Chiefs did not have the start that they were hoping to have this season. The Chiefs were 3-4 at the start of the season. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs had definitely hoped for a better start this year after failing to score a single touchdown in Super Bowl LV.

However, Mahomes turned the tide around by winning eight straight games and making his team the No.1 in AFC West. Kansas City lost their Week 17 matchup to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Patrick Mahomes hopes to maintain his unbeaten record against the Broncos

Patrick Mahomes

Heading into Week 18, Patrick Mahomes hopes to clinch the No.1 seed in AFC by winning their season finale game against the Denver Broncos. Mahomes is 8-0 against the Broncos his entire career. The Chiefs have already defeated the Broncos 22-9 in Week 13.

Mahomes told NFL reporter James Palmer that he is very excited to play against Denver Broncos Head Coach, Vic Fangio’s defense. Vic Fangio has a great understanding of the opponent’s offense and he knows exactly how to tackle the play made by them. Mahomes said that playing against the Broncos will give him and the Chiefs confidence heading into the postseason.

Denver Broncos’ defense missing star players in Week 18

Patrick Surtain II, Kareem Jackson, and Ronald Darby

Vic Fangio has an excellent defensive mind as he does not allow the offense to make a lot of passing plays. Despite defeating the Broncos earlier in the season, Patrick Mahomes had the worst passer rating of his career, 57.0. However, the Chiefs will not be facing the full might of the Broncos’ defense.

The Broncos are very thin in their secondary. Starting Safety Kareem Jackson is placed on injured reserve and will not be playing. The top 2 corners for the Broncos, Ronald Darby (shoulder), and rookie Patrick Surtain II (calf) are also out for the season finale due to injuries. Patrick Surtain is said to be a top-10 corner right now in his rookie season. He has had a phenomenal start to his career this year and the Broncos believe he will be a top-5 corner next year.

Patrick Mahomes will be looking to clinch the No.1 seed and repent for his poor performance by playing in the Super Bowl. They can win the No.1 seed by defeating the Broncos and hoping for a Tennessee Titan loss/tie.

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