“Jalen Ramsey is dirty,” Rams CB fined $15k by the NFL for unsportsmanlike conduct

“Jalen Ramsey is dirty,” Rams CB fined $15k by the NFL for unsportsmanlike conduct

Jalen Ramsey

The Los Angeles Rams have booked their seat in the Super Bowl after coming off an intense victory against the San Francisco 49ers. In a match that had everything in it for the viewers, Rams’ Jalen Ramsey added some extra zing to it with his duel against 49ers’ Robbie Gould.

However, the altercation has cost Jalen Ramsey $15,000, after the NFL decided to fine him for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and his exchange with Gould. The incident occurred right at the end of the second quarter.


Jalen Ramsey clashed with 49ers Robbie Gould during the Rams’ 20-17 victory

Robbie Gould continued his hot streak in the postseason and scored his 21 for 21 field goal to give his side a 10-7 lead to carry into the halfway mark. This did not seem to go down too well with Ramsey, and it prompted a reaction out of the Rams skipper.

The duo clashed vividly angry at each other, as their protective facemasks had a coming together with both of them getting in each other’s faces.

Ramsey and Gould
Ramsey and Gould get together to have a go at each other

The altercation continued for a total of about 10-12 seconds, as the other players were prompt to break up the fight alongside the linesman to diffuse the situation before it could escalate further.


Alongside, Ramsey, San Francisco 49ers safety Jimmie Ward also attracted a fine from the NFL for his vicious hit to the helmet of Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. in the fourth quarter. Ward was fined $20,000 to go with the 15-yard flag that he received on the pitch.

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