“Not a Quarterback, “I wanted to be a…”: Joe Burrow reveals his favorite playing position in football

Joe Burrow reveals his favorite playing position in football and it is not the quarterback.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow has had a fantastic season this time. Whenever the Cincinnati Bengals needed him to perform, he was up for it. Even under pressure, the team from Cincinnati was able to emerge victoriously game after game and a lot of credit for it has to go to the leader of the pack, Joe Burrow.

The self-belief of the Bengals is such that even after losing the coin toss against the Chiefs in the Conference Championship Final, they were able to defeat them. The Bengals started as the underdogs, they weren’t expected to win big which is why they played fearlessly and are now just a step away from the ultimate glory.

“I don’t know if I’d be an NFL wide receiver”: Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow

However, Joe, in a recent interaction revealed that his first choice position wasn’t the quarterback at all. “I wanted to be a running back or a receiver; I don’t know why,” Burrow said, as reported by the NFL Media. “I guess I thought in Pee Wee football we weren’t going to throw the ball very much, so I wanted to have the ball in my hand,” he said.

“Obviously, I’m glad it worked out the way that it did. This is my career. I don’t know if I’d be an NFL wide receiver. That’s probably a pipe dream,” he further claimed. Thankfully for the Bengals, he made the right choice, and now he is on the verge of creating history.

Joe further said, “But I can play quarterback pretty well. I think my favorite part about playing quarterback (is) there’s great players at every position in the NFL, but I think only a few really affect the game in a drastic way, and I think quarterback is the one position on the field that can really affect the game on every single play.”

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I like having the ball in my hands every play and being able to win or lose with me,” Burrow added. The Bengals will take on the Rams in the Super Bowl and we can expect a thoroughly entertaining encounter.

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