“I want to stay involved”: John Elway wants to be a part of the search for the Denver Broncos new OWNERS

John Elway has been a part of the Broncos organization since his rookie season when they traded for him. In this period of transition for Denver, he wants to STAY involved as they look for a new owner.

John Elway
John Elway

Following a poor season in 2021, the Denver Broncos are very likely to be sold to new owners. After a recent court ruling by the state of Colorado, their current right of refusal is no longer valid. Who they’ll be sold to is yet to be seen but their former star QB and current president of football operations, John Elway, has expressed his intent on being involved in the decision.

In his time as a player, Elway won 2 super bowls with the Broncos as well as 1 MVP and was a 9 time pro bowler who never left Denver. Since coming back to the Broncos in 2011 he was first their general manager and is now the president of football operations. He’s had a large chunk of success but since winning super bowl 50 in the 2015 season, the Broncos have had an extremely poor run.

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John Elway expresses interest in decision making process of new Broncos ownership

John Elway
John Elway

Elway was quoted on “9News” saying “Who knows where that is and where that falls, but I do have interest in being a part of it, The Broncos have been in my life for 40 years, so I’d love to be a part of it. So it’s a matter of seeing how everything plays out and what’s going to happen. I’m sure there will be a lot of things going on, but I would definitely like to be involved.”

He further added “It’s been my life, so I’d like to stay involved. We’ll see how everything goes but the bottom line is I think I can help the new owner. It should be their club. And it’s the coaches, it’s the players, and it’s George’s club. I want to be here in a support role with all the knowledge I have around the league so I can in that area. I don’t want to overshadow an owner.”

However the process is meant to go about, Elway will do his best to be involved. There are more sentimental reasons that he mentions but one can’t help but wonder if he’s more concerned with job security. The Broncos are changing things around in their organization, having already fired head coach Vic Fangio and of course, the new ownership. It’s not entirely ruled out that Elway could be gone too. He’ll try to be as integrated in this new direction the Broncos are taking for the team but also himself.

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