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“Won’t back down”: Giants owner John Mara says he is not settling the Brian Flores lawsuit at any cost as all the allegations are completely false

Here's what Giants owner John Mara had to say about Brian Flores' lawsuit

Brian Flores and John Mara

The NFL provides a platform for innumerable football enthusiasts to live their dream. The games have a global appeal and many youngsters desire to be a part of them. However, from time to time, the league also gets involved in a number of controversies.

Not long ago, former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores filed a lawsuit against the NFL and several franchises. In the lawsuit, Flores stated that even after the “Rooney Rule” came into effect, racial discrimination remains a major part of the NFL hiring process.

“I’m not settling it because the allegations are false”: John Mara on Brian Flores’ lawsuit

Brian Flores

As soon as the news of Flores’ lawsuit gained prominence, a lot of people came out in his support claiming that the NFL should take relevant steps to encourage diversity. However, many also pointed out that it isn’t necessary that Flores didn’t get what he wanted solely because of his race.

Nevertheless, the matter is still not settled, and as it turns out, Giants owner John Mara has made up his mind that he will not settle the lawsuit as the allegations made by Flores are completely untrue. As reported by Ari Meirov, Mara claimed that the decision to not offer the job to Flores was based on a lot of factors and race was definitely not one of them.

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I’m not settling it because the allegations are false. It was a fair process, and we ended up making the decision based on a lot of factors — none of which had to do with race,” Mara claimed as reported by Meirov. Flores’ lawsuit sparked the conversation around racial discrimination yet again in the world of the NFL.

It will be interesting to see which way the case goes in the time to come.

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