“I want the whole family there, but…”: Here’s why Aaron Rodgers refused to attend his brother Jordan’s wedding

Aaron Rodgers hasn't had the best of times dealing with family relationships

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Aaron Rodgers is an absolute superstar in the world of the NFL. Although he is someone who gets involved in controversies quicker than most, one just can’t deny that he is indeed a fantastic quarterback who has a lot left in him.

While the air around Rodgers’ future in the NFL has cleared and it is certain that he will take the field for the Packers in the coming season, we can’t say the same thing about his relationship with Shailene Woodley. A while ago, Shailene and Aaron decided to break off their engagement which sent the NFL and even the world of entertainment into a frenzy.

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“He always finds himself at the center of all family feuds”: Olivia Munn on Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn

There were reports that Shailene wasn’t happy in the relationship and demanded more from Rodgers whereas Aaron was chasing a Super Bowl. Not long ago, E! News suggested that Shailene is in no mood to patch things up with Aaron and after that, Shailene took to Instagram and shared a cryptic message about grief. It would be fair to say that Rodgers has been facing a few difficulties as far as personal relationships are concerned.

The above-stated words start to make even more sense after what Aaron did most recently. It was reported that Rodgers did not attend his brother Jordan’s wedding. Although as reported by the New York Post, Jordan wanted his complete family to attend the ceremony, Aaron decided to skip it anyway.

Although there is no clarity about what exactly triggered the rift between the brothers, it has been reported that Aaron hasn’t been on the best of terms with his family which might have triggered this response from the QB. In fact, as per The Mercury News, Aaron hasn’t spoken to his entire family for several years now.

Even Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend Olivia Munn had once claimed that although family rifts are common, Aaron always finds himself at the center of them. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that surely he is one of the finest on the field, but things haven’t looked very bright for him off the field.

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