Antonio Brown reportedly THREATENED his fellow teammates with a gun a few years ago

Brown became the part owner of Albany Empire in March 2023.

Antonio Brown reportedly THREATENED his fellow teammates with a gun a few years ago

Antonio Brown (via Imago)

Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown is a controversial figure. Once considered the best WR in the league, his career has not gone the way he would have hoped. He has been out of the league since 2021 and most likely won’t be a part of it ever again. He became the part owner of Albany Empire in the Arena League after leaving the NFL.


Under Brown’s leadership, the Albany Empire experienced a series of problems, including coaches and players quitting due to unpaid salaries and the team being kicked out of hotels for unpaid expenses. According to ESPN, Brown reportedly threatened his players with a gun following a heated argument. The argument was about the removal of a social media post dedicated to a former teammate who had passed away.

The post was dedicated to former Empire offensive lineman Mo Ruffins, who died at the age of 38. When the players confronted Brown regarding the removal of the post, he allegedly threatened the players. “AB looked at Ryan [Larkin] and was like, ‘Hey, man, you still got the AR in the car? Go get it,'” Darius Prince, the WR of the team recalled. “Then I was like, I’m not going to allow this dude to walk out of here after you just threatened us… After he said that, things did calm down, and we had a conversation. But the fact is that he threatened us by telling his assistant to grab his AR.”

This episode joins a long list of previous contentious occurrences throughout Brown’s career. He last played in the NFL for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and won Super Bowl LV with the team. He is the second-leading receiver in terms of total yardage in the Steelers’ history.


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Is Antonio Brown a Hall of Famer?

Antonio Brown
Antonio Brown (via NBC News)

Antonio Brown was once considered to be the best wide receiver in football. He was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. He was one of the best receivers in the league in the 2010s. He accumulated the most first-team All-Pro selections at his position throughout the decade with four consecutive selections (2014–2017), all as a member of the Steelers.

As great as Brown was on the field, he was equally controversial off it. He has had numerous incidents throughout his career and that is why he isn’t a part of the league anymore. He won Super Bowl LV with Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but his departure from the team a year later made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

So is Brown a Hall of Famer? Considering his body of work, he should be. He has the accolades to get in. The controversies, though, hold him back from being in Canton. After leaving the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brown wasn’t the same player, but the Steelers Brown was a fun player to watch.


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