“He’s such a football junkie!” Bengals DC Lou Anarumo discloses Joe Burrow sits in defensive meetings despite getting ruled out of the season

Joe Burrow is out of the season after suffering an injury on wrist against the Baltimore Ravens.

“He’s such a football junkie!” Bengals DC Lou Anarumo discloses Joe Burrow sits in defensive meetings despite getting ruled out of the season

Joe Burrow and Lou Anarumo (via SI and Cincy Jungle)

Joe Burrow‘s 2023 season is over. After suffering a major wrist injury, he can’t take part in the rest of the games. However, that did not prevent him from cheering his team by attending their defensive meetings regularly.

On his Up & Adams show appearance on Friday, defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo acknowledged that Burrow often comes and sits in the defensive meeting of the team. He showed respect for the QB’s elite mentality.

He’s such a football junkie that he’s sitting in on defensive meetings just to see how that stuff goes so he can pick it up. He was in our third down install meeting this morning on defense. He’s interacting with the players. He’s one of a kind, that’s for sure. 

The DC further added:

I asked him a question. He responded today very well. He made it very profound, ‘Hey, I would do this against that.’ And I didn’t expect anything else from him. He was terrific this morning. 

Burrow had a frustrating season. He started this season with not being fully fit. The QB suffered a calf injury in the team’s practice that left an impact on him. During the competition, he encountered another injury on his calf.

Coupled with continuous injuries, Burrow showcased a poor form in the early days of the league. However, he found his rhythm lately with a couple of good individual performances. Nonetheless, that impact did not last long as the QB had to leave the field with a torn ligament on his wrist.


Being a team man, Burrow is attending the defensive meetings of the Bengals. The Bengals fans will be hoping this will help to sharpen his ability for the next season.

The Bengals have had a frustrating season

Things have not tuned in a perfect way for the Cincinnati Bengals this season. The team failed to win their first three out of four games. Halfway through the middle, they started getting back to the sweet rhythm but lost it after the injury of Burrow. Presently, the Bengals team is down by a 5-6 record after week 12.

Joe Burrow
Joe Burrow (Via CNN)

The Bengals are next set to face the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are presently at the top of the AFC South Division with a winning record of 8-3. This will be a difficult job for the Bengals since they suffered a major setback recently. Nonetheless, the team will put their best efforts on the turf to take itself to the playoffs.


The Bengals have a vivid history of coming back from behind. In the past two seasons, they did that. However, a comeback from 0-2 to 12-4 looks much easier (their last season) than coming back from a 5-6 record, especially without Burrow under the center.

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