Colin Cowherd advocates for Seahawks to draft new QB even with Geno Smith’s stellar performance vs. Cowboys

Colin Cowherd is sick and tired of Pete Carroll pretending like Geno Smith is worthy of being a franchise quarterback.

Colin Cowherd advocates for Seahawks to draft new QB even with Geno Smith’s stellar performance vs. Cowboys

Geno Smith and Colin Cowherd (via Yahoo Sports/The Herd)

The Seattle Seahawks are having a rollercoaster of a ride this season. The team is 6-6 and ranks second in the NFC West. Geno Smith’s performance last year had fans convinced that Pete Carroll had found the successor to Russell Wilson, however, the QB’s performance this year has been inconsistent and puts into question if Smith really is the long-term answer to the Seahawks’ woes.


Colin Cowherd believes the team desperately requires a quarterback, he expressed his unfiltered opinion on The Herd concerning the Seahawks.

Seattle needs to figure out what they are...Pete doesn't like a quarterback-reliant team, he tends to be a bit old school...the problem is Seattle's wide receiver and tight end talent is arguably their best talent.

The analyst addressed Pete Carroll’s strategy of drafting more wideouts and strengthening the team’s defense while neglecting the QB position.

This season, Geno Smith has not looked like the man he did last season. His stats this season led Colin Cowherd to dub Geno Smith’s last season as a “fluke.” The analyst justified his response by stating:

His completion percentage is way down, his interceptions are up, he's got fewer touchdown passes, even though the receiving core is actually better.

Colin Cowherd criticized Pete Carroll for sticking to his outdated football strategy

Colin Cowherd gave Pete Carroll a reality check surrounding his strategies:

You can't rely on defense, you can't rely on these running backs to remain healthy...what Pete Carroll wants to win with and what he needs to win with feel like he needs an ideological reboot.

The analyst then pointed out the top teams in the NFL and stated that they have been able to thrive because of their quarterbacks.

Colin Cowherd and Geno Smith
Colin Cowherd and Geno Smith (via The Herd/AP)

The analyst cited the example of Tua Tagovailoa, Patrick Mahomes, Trevor Lawrence, and even Russell Wilson. The teams with good QBs have managed to thrive, their offense is good and more importantly, their offense is consistent.

The analyst concluded by urging Pete Carroll to go out there and make some key acquisitions and trades in order to complete the Seahawks so that they can get over any speed bump that comes their way and improve. The Seattle Seahawks have a lot of potential on offense. This Thursday night, the team showed that when Geno Smith is playing like a consistent and top-tier NFL QB, the team has the potential to go up against some of the best teams in the league. They nearly beat the Dallas Cowboys on Thursday night.


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