Eagles’ James Bradberry shares hilarious fan DMs that he receives on Game Day

On Sunday, the Eagles suffered a loss against the Buffalo Bills in their week 12 matchup.

Eagles’ James Bradberry shares hilarious fan DMs that he receives on Game Day

James Bradberry (Via Imago)

On Sunday, the Philadelphia Eagles, led by their dual-threat quarterback Jalen Hurts, managed to secure a victory against the Buffalo Bills. Following the game, the Eagles defensive back James Bradberry shared some messages from a Philadelphia fan, who seemingly went through a roller coaster of emotions.

In a screenshot, shared by Bradberry on his Instagram, a fan sent a hate message to the player, who was having a bad game against the Bills during the early stages of the game.

Pack your bags and get the f*ck out of Philadelphia. 

However, Bradberry turned his game around in the final quarter of the game and registered a crucial interception. After his interception, the fan sent another message, but this time with a different tone.

Nevermind you chillin big dawg pizza at my place tomorrow night for MNF.

The Eagles defensive back James Bradberry posted the screenshot of the hilarious messages from the fan on his Instagram, which was later shared by many people.

On the sporting side of things, Bradberry played a crucial role in the Eagles’ hard-fought victory against Josh Allen and the Buffalo-based football team. During the fourth quarter of the game, the Bills were leading by 3 points and were looking to put more points on the board.


During the crucial moment of the game, Bradberry managed to intercept Josh Allen’s pass attempt and get the ball back to the Eagles’ offensive unit. In the end, the Eagles ended up securing a crucial 37-34 victory against the Bills in overtime. With that victory, the Philadelphia-based football team improved to a 10-1 record and is currently holding the No.1 seed in the NFC playoff picture.

James Bradberry takes high road after Deebo Samuel calls him trash

Earlier this year, the San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel bashed James Bradberry by calling him ‘trash’ just a few days after the NFC Championship game between the Niners and the Eagles.

James Bradberry Eagles Deebo Samuel
James Bradberry (Via SI)

And now, ahead of their week 12 game, Samuel doubled down on his stance by saying that he doesn’t regret calling Bradberry trash. The Eagles’ defensive back, however, decided to take the high road instead of being involved in trash talks.

I wish he would have used a better word to describe my play, but it is what it is. At the end of the day, all I can do is control my work ethic and what I do day to day.
Bradberry said via NBC Sports.

Nonetheless, Bradberry would look to prove Samuel wrong on Sunday, when the Eagles are scheduled to face the defending NFC West champions, the 49ers in their week 13 game.

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