Rob Gronkowski refuses to believe Bill Belichick will coach any other team apart from the Patriots

Gronkowski believes Bill Belichick has grandfathered in with the Patriots.

Rob Gronkowski refuses to believe Bill Belichick will coach any other team apart from the Patriots

Bill Belichick and Rob Gronkowski (Via Hartford Courant/Fox News)

For two whole decades, the New England Patriots ruled over the NFL, winning six Super Bowls in their name, until 2019. However, the era seemed to end after all the disappointments and underperformance made by the team. It all sums up to future of the iconic head coach Bill Belichick with the Patriots.

There sure have been speculations of Belichick moving to another team in 2024, however, when asked former Patriots Rob Gronkowski, he refuses to accept it. The former NFL tight end, who has played under coach Belichick, firmly believes the head coach isn’t going anywhere, and he will be keeping his job for as long as he wants.

During his recent appearance on the Up&Adams show, Gronkowski was asked about the speculations surrounding HC Belichick’s department from the Patriots.

The only way that he would coach somewhere else is if it’s mutually agreed upon between both parties.

The former Patriots tight end highlighted how Belichick has done so much for the franchise that he has grandfathered in.

That’s the only way I see that happening. Like I said, I think he’s grandfathered in. He’s been there for so long. He’s done so much great for the organization. Six Super Bowl wins, taking the team from rock bottom back in the day and bringing it to the promised land for all of New England. So, just give it some time and we’ll be seeing what happens from here.

Bill Belichick coaching rumors about the Chargers quashed

The departure rumors of Belichick from the Patriots began in early November when The Athletic’s Dianna Russini first reported it. Soon after that, there were rumors surrounding the possibility of Belichick taking over the coaching position at the Los Angeles Chargers. However, this rumor was quashed quickly after NBC Sports’ Derek Togerson tweeted on the unlikely chance of it happening.

Bill Belichick
Bill Belichick (Via SI)

Although the Chargers roster this season includes great talents and potential, Togerson quashed all the rumors of Belichick joining to coach them. He claimed this by stating that Chargers aren’t looking for a coach in the offseason.

I'm here to tell you he will never coach the Chargers, because the Chargers are not going to pay a coach.
Togerson on NBC Sports Boston’s The Gameplan

Moreover, highlighting the interest of Sean Payton towards the Chargers, Togerson’s statement got its backing that Belichick’s future for the next season remains with the Patriots and none other. Although the current situation of the head coach and the Patriots seemed a bit complex, the chances of them getting back their glory in the future remain skeptical.

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