Bill Belichick has a bold ‘3-word’ response to rumors of him leaving the Patriots next year to join a new team

Bill Belichick has a losing record without Tom Brady as his quarterback.

Bill Belichick has a bold ‘3-word’ response to rumors of him leaving the Patriots next year to join a new team

Bill Belichick (via Sky Sports)

The New England Patriots‘ head coach, Bill Belichick, has been under tremendous pressure this season. The team is not playing great football at the moment as they are 2-9 through 11 games so far. There are a lot of rumors surrounding Belichick’s future with the Patriots and whether he will continue as their head coach.

Recently, ESPN analyst and former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky said Belichick’s future team is already decided and that a potential breakup between the legendary head coach and the Patriots is a certainty. However, the Patriots head coach denied all those rumors during his appearance on WEEI-FM in Boston on Monday.


Belichick was asked about Orlovsky’s comments on the show. He gave a very blunt response as the legendary head coach said,

Yeah, that’s ridiculous.

Belichick has been the head coach of the Patriots since 2000 and has won six Super Bowls with them. However, the Patriots have struggled to reach the playoffs since Tom Brady‘s departure from the team in 2020. The last time the Patriots made the playoffs was back in 2021.

The Patriots have the worst record in the AFC and are almost out of playoff contention this season. They have already benched their starting QB Mac Jones multiple times this season. Belichick might not have decided on his future team yet, but is definitely on the hot seat this season.


Rex Ryan blasts Bill Belichick for the Patriots’ poor performance this season

The New England Patriots are in turmoil. They have started the season 2-9 and are facing a quarterback crisis. Their head coach Bill Belichick left it quite late to declare his starting QB for the game against the New York Giants on Sunday. ESPN analyst and former New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan ripped Belichick apart for the Patriots’ struggle this season.

Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan
Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan (via Bleacher Report)

Ryan said on the ESPN show Get Up:

Can I just say this: Bill Belichick, please stop. Just name your dang starter. It doesn't matter, they both stink, whether it's Zappe or ''Pea Shooter'' Jones - like we care about your team. Your team stinks. Tom Brady was the only reason you won anyway. I said from jump, they would never win again when that guy trotted down to Tampa.

The Patriots won six Super Bowls with the duo of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. However, since Brady’s departure to Tampa Bay, the Patriots have struggled mightily and Belichick seems to have lost all his magic. It will be a long road ahead for the legendary head coach.


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