“Worse than thought” – New York media claps back at Jamal Adams’ controversial verbal attack on reporter’s family, calls him ‘phony’

Adams failing to stop a crucial touchdown during the Cowboys insinuated a series of sensitive tweets that continues to demean his reputation as a football player.

“Worse than thought” – New York media claps back at Jamal Adams’ controversial verbal attack on reporter’s family, calls him ‘phony’

Seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams (Image via IMAGO)

Jamal Adams‘ misery continues to pile on after the Seattle Seahawks‘ safety lashed out at a reporter for doing his job. Besides the massive outrage on the internet, the New York media has stepped in to voice their opinion of the situation.

Brian Costello, who covers the New York Jets for the New York Post, sent out a tweet regarding the sensitive situation that Adams has created. According to Costello, in his long tenure as a reporter, he has never met someone as “phony” as the 28-year-old.

I’ve covered a lot of players through the years. I never met anyone who was more of a phony than Jamal Adams. I always thought he was a bad guy. Today he proved he is even worse than I thought.

Why is the media unhappy with Jamal Adams?

It all started after Thursday night’s 41-35 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. Adams was going through another bad day in the office in the Seahawks backfield. Yet he still managed to complete 10 tackles (7 solo and 3 assisted). However, the LSU product failed to prevent the game-winning moment at AT&T Stadium.

“Worse than thought” - New York media claps back at Jamal Adams' controversial verbal attack on reporter's family, calls him 'phony'
Jamal Adams (Image via SI)

As the tie entered its final 5 minutes, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott threw an accurate pass to Jake Ferguson, who was being marked by Adams inside the Seahawks end zone. The rookie tight end plucked the ball out of the air and scored a touchdown.

It was a frustrating night for Seattle, who are now on a 3-game losing streak. For failing to stop the Ferguson TD, Adams received a lot of criticism on the internet. Unable to handle all the negativity, he chose to take matters into his own hands. He launched an online attack on New York Jets SNY reporter Connor Hughes‘ wife. And now Costello’s tweet is burying his reputation in mud.


Costello is well acquainted with Adams, who was drafted by the Jets as the 6th overall pick in the 2017 draft. He went on to secure two Pro Bowls (2018–2109) and an All-Pro nod in 2019. On August 17, 2021, Adams signed a four-year deal worth $72 million with a $20 million signing bonus and $38 million guaranteed with the Seattle Seahawks. This made him the highest-paid safety at that time.

Adams since has deleted his post. However, he has yet to state the whole ordeal. Not only that the Seahawks are bound to monitor what is transpiring. If it gets out of hand he might even get some sort of punishment.

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