“Better than Aaron Rodgers” Tom Brady with net Worth $250 Million becomes the highest paid NFL player

The Forbes list of Highest paid players was out and Tom Brady tops the list with $75 million in earnings.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady
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Tom Brady is truly a legend of the game and maybe the best NFL player of all time. The Bucs QB has won everything in his illustrious career. He has seven Super Bowl rings and all-time passing record among many other achievements but he had never been the league’s top earner until now.

With Brady’s $30 million salary and different endorsements and businesses, Brady is this year’s top earner as stated by Forbes. Tom Brady will earn a total of $75 million including $45 million from off-field endeavours.

Who knew that even at the age of 45 Tom Brady is still breaking records and adding new accolades. Brady always earned way less in his New England Patriot days but with his switch to the Bucs, he rose straight to the No.2 position last year and this year he topped the list.

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“Tom Brady leads the list for the first time”: Forbes

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Tom Brady with his Super Bowl rings

Unsurprisingly, the top 10 highest-paid players in the NFL were quarterbacks. Brady led the list with Matthew Stafford taking up the second position with $65.5 million and Packers Aaron Rodgers was also not behind with earnings of $53 million.

Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs took up the fourth spot with $51.5 million. Deshaun Watson reserved the sixth position in the list, he is currently suffering a suspension of six games due to charges of sexual assault.

Collectively all of the top 10 QBs earned $370 million, whereas the record is set at $373 million in 2018. NFL’s salary cap rose by $27.5 million as many players signed new lucrative deals. Last year was the first time that the revenue decreased due to pandemic-related losses that the NFL incurred.

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