“Never had a Black boyfriend,” Bill Maher subtly accuses Taylor Swift of racism claiming she’s dating Travis Kelce in a ‘league that’s 80% Black’

Maher posed the question why does Swift only date white men.

“Never had a Black boyfriend,” Bill Maher subtly accuses Taylor Swift of racism claiming she’s dating Travis Kelce in a ‘league that’s 80% Black’

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Image via FirstSportz)

Political commentator Bill Maher became the latest mainstream personality to talk about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. During a recent episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, he advised the MAGA people to trade carefully when criticizing Taylor Swift. But Maher did not listen to his own suggestion.


There’s always one common theme in Maher’s monologues. He loves to use allegories that coincide with the current stipulations of politics. The 68-year-old comedian prefers to tackle scenarios unapologetically. Besides the upcoming presidential elections, what is the biggest news? Taylor Swift finding a new soul mate.

Not everyone remains thrilled by the romance. Few even went as far as calling the union an ‘artificial‘ or ‘eyewash.’ Maher wasn’t really going for her romance life. He discussed how Swift could tip the balance in the presidential election in Joe Biden‘s favor. But somehow, he couldn’t refrain from commenting on Swift’s dating history. This is what FOX News reported on what Maher had to say:

She started out as a country artist as a white girl from Pennsylvania. grew up on a farm. Never had a black boyfriend—I'm just saying... She's had a lot of boyfriends.
Bill Maher on Taylor Swift’s dating history

Last September, the You Belong with Me singer declared that she was in a relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. To the fans of the 14-time Grammy winner, Swift finding a new boyfriend is more important than the Super Bowl, arguably the biggest sporting event on US soil. Even the NFL has come out and said that the 34-year-old’s presence during game days has benefited the sport.


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Why is Taylor Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce so polarizing?

Even before being romantically involved with the two-time Super Bowl winner, Swift was already in the crosshairs of right-wing politicians. Ever since she came out in support of Joe Biden by dissing Donald Trump before the 2020 elections, the MAGA (Make America Great Again) followers have not liked her.

"Never had a Black boyfriend" Bill Maher subtly accuses Taylor Swift of racism claiming she's dating Travis Kelce in a 'league that's 80% Black'
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Image via IMAGO)

After she started dating Kelce, their approach took on a new dimension. The all-pro tight end, similar to Swift, was in their eyesight for doing a commercial for the Pfizer vaccine during COVID-19. Trump supporters or Republican voters were against the dosage. When Swift and Kelce became a thing, they started to attack the pair together.

But Maher, to bring up Swift’s love life, being more liberal, does pose many questions. Even though she has gone out with Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, or Harry Styles (all white), what was Maher trying to point out remains a big question. If the relationship continues to blossom even after the NFL season, fans could find more insight from Maher.


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