“Mickey Mouse Champions”: The Birmingham Stallions win the debut season of the USFL and etch their names in the record books

The USFL concluded its inaugural season of which the Birmingham Stallions emerged champions


We all hate it when the NFL is off, for nearly 6 months without pro football, that is every fan’s nightmare. Sure, it is exciting when the trade window is open to see where players end up but once that closes, we have no option but to sit and count the days till the NFL preseason. However, now leagues such as the USFL (United States Football League), Fan Controlled Football, and the XFL, we now have football all year round. The USFL just concluded its first season and what a season it was!

The first champions of the league’s debut season are the Birmingham Stallions. The team beat out the Philadelphia Stars 33-30 in their championship game and the first-ever MVP was Victor Bolden Jr., the wideout for the Stallions. The game came down to the edge as the score was 36-23 with just 3:03 on the clock. Linebacker Scooby Wright made the play of his life as he recorded a pick to seal the deal for the Stallions.

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“Hell of a game”: Football fans loved the first season of the UFL:

The Birmingham Stallions won the first USFL cup

The Stallions won the title and completed a successful spring season, the league will come back next year and play in more cities. The league will face more challenges next season as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson will also be launching the inaugural season of his XFL.

Football fans initially skeptical about the USFL ended up loving every moment of it. The first season was a resounding success and the finals were as entertaining as the Super Bowl.

NFL, XFL, USFL, doesn’t matter, the refs always end up messing crucial calls.

You wish, maybe next season?

A ring is a ring and a win is a win.


More Spring football coming next year!

Kurt Warner of the USFL, it’s always iconic when the backup comes in and wins it for the team, just ask Nick Foles.

If they had won nobody would have brought this up.



Let’s end it on that note! What are your thoughts on the USFL and football leagues apart from the NFL?

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