Brock Purdy reminds Rex Ryan of 49ers legend Joe Montana courtesy of his ‘flawless’ regular season record

Brock Purdy has completed at least 70% of his passes this season.

Brock Purdy reminds Rex Ryan of 49ers legend Joe Montana courtesy of his ‘flawless’ regular season record

Rex Ryan (L - via X) and Brock Purdy (R - via Sky Sports)

The San Francisco 49ers played the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday in one of the most anticipated games of the season. It was supposed to be a close game between two NFC contenders; instead, it turned out to be an absolute demolition job by the Niners on the Cowboys. Niners’ QB Brock Purdy diced up the Cowboys’ highly vaunted defense the entire game as the San Francisco-based team poured in 42 points while only allowing 10 to the Cowboys.


Purdy was a huge reason for the Niners’ victory. He completed 17 of his 24 passes for 252 yards and four TDs. Three of those were to the Niners’ All-Pro tight end, George Kittle. Former New York Jets head coach and current ESPN analyst Rex Ryan claimed that Purdy reminded him of former 49ers legend Joe Montana because of his ‘flawless’ record in the regular season. With the win against the Cowboys, Purdy has now won his first 10 career regular-season games without a loss.

“Just put a 16 on his jersey. That’s who he reminds me of, Joe Montana.” Ryan said on the latest episode of the ESPN show Get Up. “His mobility, how accurate the kind is with the football, the poise that he has, this dude is so confident. He has got that swag. The guy’s phenomenal. He always steps up and moves in the pocket, accurate throwing, has vision down the field. This kid is absolutely spectacular.”

Purdy was the last pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. He got his opportunity last season after injuries to both Niners QBs. The young signal-caller hasn’t looked back since then, leading his team to the NFC Championship game last season and earning himself a starting job with the team this season.


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George Kittle in awe of Brock Purdy and his consistency

Brock Purdy has started his 2023 season on a tear. His recent performance against the San Francisco 49ers‘ arch rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, was special. The Niners’ All-Pro tight end George Kittle was left in awe of Purdy’s performance as he gushed about his young QB after the game.

Brock Purdy (L) and George Kittle (R)
Brock Purdy (L) and George Kittle (R) (via San Francisco 49ers)

“He’s incredibly consistent. I will say this was one of our more dense game plans. We had a lot of checks and a lot of things in, just for how they play their defense and to account for Michael Parsons, because of the player that he is. And Purdy just shows up. Kittle told Scott Van Pelt on SportsCenter.

He further added,“He does a hell of a job. He’s just so consistent week in, week out, day in and day out. You have the same guy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Seven days a week, he’s the same person.”


The Niners beat the Cowboys by 32 points. They are undefeated through five weeks of the season and are early favorites to win the Super Bowl this year. They will play the Cleveland Browns in their next game on Sunday.

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