Skip Bayless ‘scared to death’ for his Cowboys because of Brock Purdy ahead of the 49ers game

In the past 39 encounters, the Cowboys have won 19 and the 49ers won the same number of games.

Skip Bayless ‘scared to death’ for his Cowboys because of Brock Purdy ahead of the 49ers game

Dak Prescott (R), Skip Bayless (M) and Brock Purdy (L) (Via D Magazine/SFGate/ Fox)

The Sunday night encounter between the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers will be mouthwatering. The NFL fans are pulling their sleeves up to enjoy a beautiful game between two of the most iconic teams in the history of the league. But not everyone is in the mood to rejoice. Analyst Skip Bayless is scared to see the destructive nature of the 49ers offense, especially Brock Purdy


Bayless’ love for the Cowboys is no stranger to the people who follow the NFL. Seeing the good form of the team this season, the veteran considered them as the possible Super Bowl Winner multiple times. He was deeply moved when the Cowboys thrashed the New England Patriots after suffering a setback in their previous game. Bayless even took on everyone who criticized the Cowboys after the defeat. Hence, his tension before the match against the 49ers is understandable. 

Brock Purdy scares me to death going into Sunday night. Because the harder I look, the better he looks. The more I want him to mess up, screw up. Get exposed, the harder I look for that, the more he does nothing wrong. He is running away with QBR, he has surpassed Tua by six points,” the analyst said on the latest episode of ‘Undisputed’. 

He did not stop there. Adding more meat to the claim, the veteran went on to say, “That’s a huge gap. He is running away with passer rating. On passes thrown over 10 yards this year in the National Football League. He leads the league with 72% completion of 10 or more yards.”


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Who is the favorite in the Cowboys-49ers clash? 

It is highly difficult to consider someone’s favorite in a clash like the Cowboys and the 49ers. Both teams have a good head-to-head record. In 39 overall meetings, the Cowboys have won 19 encounters and the 49ers have also won the same number of encounters while one match remains a draw. 

Dallas Cowboys
Dallas Cowboys (Via Economic Times)

Talking about this season, both teams have been maintaining a good track record. The 49ers are unbeaten in the league and have won all four games. While the Cowboys won three in their four matches, only suffered a setback against the Arizona Cardinals.

The Dallas defense has been too good in the league as they gave up only 13 points in the three matches that they won. On the other hand, the 49ers offense is running riot in the league. In this case, one has to see how things go in the game day. 


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