“What a disgrace!” Chris Russo slams the Bills for firing OC Ken Dorsey following 5th loss of the season

Bills HC Sean McDermott says it's the right time for a change, on firing OC Ken Dorsey.

“What a disgrace!” Chris Russo slams the Bills for firing OC Ken Dorsey following 5th loss of the season

Ken Dorsey and Chris Russo (Via MLB/SI)

After the poor 24-22 loss to the Denver Broncos in Week 10, the Buffalo Bills made headlines all over the news. Ironically, it wasn’t for the loss, but for firing the offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey on Tuesday, November 14. In the game, for the sixth straight time, the Bills’ offense got held under 26 points, and quarterback Josh Allen committed three out of four turnovers.


The second-year quarterbacks coach, Joe Brady would take over the place of Dorsey as the interim coordinator. However, not everything seemed okay with his change in management, as ESPN analyst Chris Russo expressed his strong opinions on the Bills’ decision to fire the OC Dorsey.

On a recent episode of ESPN’s First Take, Russo called this decision by the Bills a “disgrace,” saying Dorsey has been fired for the mistakes of head coach Sean McDermott. The analyst said:

What a disgrace they fired Dorsey there when he's got 12 men on the field on a special teams thing. Ask yourself this question: if they don't have 12 men on the field and Lutz misses that field goal and they're 6-4… there is not a chance in America they're firing Dorsey. Fire the special teams coach! Get him the heck out of there!

Russo, who is also called “Mag Dog,” asserted further:

This is the same special teams organization that killed them in the Chief game two years ago! … That is a freakin' disgrace! How 'bout McDermott takes some hits?!

The decision was taken after last night’s game, where Denver got a field goal position after a late pass interference penalty, in the last few seconds of the game. Buffalo has now dropped at 5-5 and prepares to face the New York Jets in the coming Sunday.

Why Ken Dorsey was fired from the offensive coordinator position?

The Bills promoted Dorsey back in 2022 from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator, after former OC Brian Daboll left to join the New York Giants as head coach. When asked why the OC was hired, head coach McDermott stated they needed a “confident offensive football team and find consistent production.” He also said that it was the right time for this change.

In the game against the Broncos, with just four seconds left, the Bills were penalized for having 12 players on the field against the opponent’s kicker Wil Lutz, who failed the 41-yard field goal attempt. This gave Denver another opportunity to score a win from 36 yards, and so he did.

Ken Dorsey
Ken Dorsey (Via SI)

With Dorsey as offensive coordinator, the Bills had averaged 370.1 yards of offense per game throughout this season. They have lost four out of their last six games with an average of 20.5 points per game.


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