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“The Chargers bailed on Brees until he found a suitable culture”: Colin Cowherd SHOCKINGLY compares Baker Mayfield to Drew Brees

Colin Cowherd believes that the most suitable destination for the Browns quarterback is New Orleans as Jameis Winston is not the best quarterback in terms of throwing or as an athlete

Baker Mayfield is virtually out of a job, even if Deshaun Watson does get suspended for a season in light of recent developments, Baker will have to play for a team that stabbed him in the back. He seems to desperately want out and is not willing to stay a Brown for any longer but at the same time, no other team in the league wants him either. The Panthers considered trading for him but that trade failed.

Teams do not want to do anything with him as he comes with a $18 million salary cap that they will end up having to give out of their own pockets. However, assuming Cleveland clears that one hurdle, teams would be willing to give him a shot. It is not all over for Baker, Colin Cowherd suggests one landing spot where he feels Baker could be very successful. The destination is New Orleans. “Baker Mayfield and his agent should really try to get to New Orleans, and ol tell you why, Jameis Winston of the Saints is limping around in the OTAs,” Colin suggests.

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“Jameis Winston has always been goofy and not a great athlete”: Colin thinks Baker will be elite if he goes to the Saints

Baker Mayfield is better than Jameis Winston by leaps and bounds

The New Orleans Saints have a visible void when it comes to the quarterback position as except for Jameis Winston, they do not have anyone else. Speaking of Jameis, “Nobody is really all in on Jameis, he’s always been Jameis. He went 7-9( with the Bucanneers), they brought in Brady and they won the Super Bowl. There’s a lot of doubters with Jameis Winston and now he’s limping around,” Winston recorded nearly 30 INTs during his last season at Tampa and now he is getting a starters role after a long time, however, given his achilles injury, he may not be that dependable.

“The Saints are actually an effective quarterback away from winning an NFC championship, they want to win NOW. The Saints are not in a rebuild, they are not a team that will go 4-13 especially if you got Baker Mayfield.” Colin goes on to add that he believes Tom Brady will retire for good after this year and that next season onwards, Baker in the Saints will have a clear shot at winning the NFC. “Baker Mayfield in that division with THAT defense, in two years, he is the best quarterback.”

Colin gives an example making a comparison nobody saw coming, “The Chargers in San Diego bailed on Drew Brees, he found the culture that bought into him, Baker’s numbers with the Browns and Brees numbers with the Chargers are virtually identical. You didn’t know Brees was great either until he was surrounded by really good O-lines and great defenses.”

Colin thinks that Baker is not as great a thrower as Brees but he is good, he is a certified top-25 quarterback in this league. Given that New Orleans has had a history of drafting its quarterbacks and then developing them, with Jameis as your starter limping around and Taysom Hill not available to play the quarterback position, Baker makes sense more than ever.

The team cannot sit around and wait for the NFL draft as there a lot of bad teams this year, two of them in their own division, the Falcons and the Panthers. The Saints team is pretty good, on offense they have good weapons in Chris Olave and Michael Thomas. Their defense has always been good. Baker Mayfield does have a real shot to resurrect his career in New Orleans.

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