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“I’m not sure what the odds are”: Cooper Kupp makes a SHOCKING statement hinting at Aaron Donald’s retirement

LA Rams wideout Cooper Kupp makes some shocking statements on Aaron Donald's potential return and hints that the defensive lineman is likely to retire once his contract comes to an end

Aaron Donald is the highest-paid and most-feared defensive lineman in the entire NFL, his contract with the Los Angeles Rams is coming to an end and both, his representatives and the Rams are in talks to extend him and offer enormous sums to retain him. However, while these talks are happening, Donald made some pretty shocking statements himself, he said that he doesn’t mind walking away from the game of football as he believes that he has done everything that he could do and ‘He is content.’ Donald’s comments took everyone by surprise.


Right after this Donald also said that he wanted to recreate that Super Bowl-winning experience once more, at this point, it is about winning for him and if he is not winning or does not have that good a shot, it does not make sense to step on the field for him. Aaron had an amazing season last year with 12.5 sacks, 84 tackles, and 64 quarterback pressures. For him, numbers and consistency have never been an issue.

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“I don’t need to tell him that I want him back”: Cooper Kupp on Aaron Donald potentially returning for another season

Cooper Kupp is not sure if Aaron Donald will return to the LA Rams after his contract ends

Super Bowl champion and MVP Cooper Kupp spoke about his teammate Aaron Donald on First Take, he shares his perspective on where things stand between him and the lineman and how he expects Donald’s contract negotiations to turn out. “I’m not sure what the odds are, what the likelihood is, I’ve been in contact with him to just make it clear. I don’t need to tell him that I want him back, I don’t need to tell him that it’d be great for us if the best defensive player maybe in the HISTORY came and played again this season,” Kupp stated.

He addressed Donald as the best defensive player in league history which is some high praise and not something that you can totally deny as Donald is that good. From Kupp’s statements, Donald knows his worth and what he means to the Rams, and what he brings to the table. He does not need reminding of that.

Cooper Kupp wants the defensive lineman back desperately but at the same time, he also understands that Aaron Donald has a family now and more responsibilities on his shoulders, “He has his family, he has stuff that he needs to take care of and make a decision for himself. I would obviously love to have him back and play with him, it has been an incredible honor.” However, Cooper Kupp added that “I am not sure what the odds are that he comes back,” which hints that Donald returning is not guaranteed if he does not come back, the Rams defense loses a key piece and a lot of morale and leadership.

Aaron Donald has stated that the NFL is a business and that as much as he loves the game of football, he has to take care of the business side first. His hinting retirement could just be a smart tactic to scare the Rams into paying him a record-setting amount and locking him in for a while. The Rams coach Sean McVay when asked about the status of Donald’s contract talks mentioned that “Contract talks are trending in the right direction,” hinting at an optimistic return of number 99 to the team.

There is a lot of time left for Aaron Donald to renegotiate as he has three more years left on his deal that he signed in 2018 for a record $135 million but clearly he has proven he is worth more than that. The LA Rams’ top brass has also elaborated that retaining Matthew Stafford and Aaron Donald were ‘Top priorities’ for them. Only time will tell if AD99 will return to the Rams after his contract expires or will this be it for the best defensive player in league history.

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