“He’ll lead the league with 18 ” – Dak Prescott gets CLOWNED on social media for claiming he won’t throw more than 10 interceptions this season

Dak Prescott threw career high 15 interceptions last season in the NFL.

“He’ll lead the league with 18 ” – Dak Prescott gets CLOWNED on social media for claiming he won’t throw more than 10 interceptions this season

Dak Prescott (Image via Football Outsiders)

Dak Prescott had an abysmal year last season, consisting of 15 interceptions. The Dallas Cowboys QB made a personal record for throwing the most interceptions in a single season. Additionally, he was also part of one of the most-possession turnovers last season. Still, the Cowboys QB is optimistic and has made a glaring claim before the next season starts.


Prescott was present for the recent youth football camp in Frisco and spoke about the dissapointing season last year. The QB also believes he won’t throw more than 10 interceptions next season. “I know who I am, and you can go back and take away half of those off drops,” Dak Prescott said. “I’m not saying it’s on the receiver, but if you cut that in half then we start talking about those, nobody is talking about it.”

Although 10 interceptions are a lot for an NFL QB, it still is a massive improvement over his 15 interceptions last season. However, social media didn’t believe in his statements and condemned the QB for making false promises. With Mike McCarthy in charge of calling plays next season, Dak Prescott will have the responsibility to lead the offense and not force unnecessary turnovers. However, sometimes the receivers are also at fault for the interceptions but an exceptional QB should take responsibility for all the mishaps.

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Dak Prescott was savagely trolled on NFL Twitter

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott (Image via Sky Sports)

Social media went berserk after hearing the astonishing claim from Dak Prescott. Many have counted out the Cowboys QB after his disappointing performance against the 49ers in the divisional round. Nonetheless, Prescott has hope that he will turn the ship around the lead the Cowboys’ offense through the playoffs next season. Still, many on NFL Twitter brutally roasted him for his wild accusation.

There were many who claim that Prescott will throw more than 15 and 20 interceptions next season. While there were also many who believe he will lead the league in interceptions next season. Interestingly, there were many who sided with Dak Prescott and believe that the receivers were also at fault for some of the interceptions and they should be partly blamed for it.

Dak Prescott will have an intense season next year where he will have to prove all his haters wrong. The Cowboys QB has had a disastrous record in the playoffs and needs to change that immediately.

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