Dalvin Cook faces massive accusation of offering $1 million to ex-girlfriend to absolve him of wrongdoing after alleged assault

Former Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook offered ex girlfriend Gracelyn Trimble $1 million to drop abuse claims against him.

Dalvin Cook faces massive accusation of offering $1 million to ex-girlfriend to absolve him of wrongdoing after alleged assault

Dalvin Cook and Gracelyn Trimble (image credits via Getty images)

Free agent running back Dalvin Cook was involved in a court case with his ex-girlfriend Gracelyn Trimble over the alleged assault. New reports are coming in saying Cook had offered her a sum of $1 million to drop all charges against him.


However, Gracelyn Trimble declined the offer made by Dalvin Cook and his legal team. A sealed court filing has been obtained by Rochelle Olson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune which mentions that Dalvin Cook offered her $1 million but she did not accept it.

Dalvin Cook made an initial offer of $800,000 which was filed in a document in Dakota County District Court. As per the terms of the offers, Gracelyn Trimble was to sign a sworn affidavit and then deny the previous claims she had made about abuse.

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Dalvin Cook caused serious injuries to Gracelyn Trimble when they were together

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After she denied the initial offer letter of $800,000 Dalvin Cook increased it to $1 million for her to drop the case. Even then Gracelyn Trimble was firm in her stance and did not bulge. As per the claims made by Trimble, the physical assault on her by Cook is quite shocking and disturbing.

Cook’s initial offer of $800,000 came with a requirement that Trimble sign a sworn affidavit denying abuse claims, the document said. But Trimble has already testified under oath that Cook physically abused her. The $1 million offer required Trimble to send a letter — not sworn testimony — to the NFL absolving Cook of wrongdoing.” She had previously told that Dalvin Cook had thrown her over the couch and she crashed into the coffee table which resulted in serious injuries to her face. She was bleeding from her nose as well as her forehead.

In the filing it is claimed that Cook “grabbed her arm, and slung her whole body over the couch, slamming her face into the coffee table and causing her lower forehead and the bridge of her nose to bust open.” Other disturbing details are that Cook used to slam Trimble against the wall and hit her with a broomstick and punch her in the ribs. Trimble had filed a case against Dalvin Cook for physical as well as mental abuse. In response, Dalvin Cook filed for a defamation lawsuit in Hennepin County.

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