Ex-Eagles WR DeSean Jackson claims Stefon Diggs left the Bills because he thought they weren’t going to ever beat the Chiefs

After some turbulent seasons with the Buffalo Bills, Diggs will call Texas his new home now.

Ex-Eagles WR DeSean Jackson claims Stefon Diggs left the Bills because he thought they weren’t going to ever beat the Chiefs

Stefon Diggs and DeSean Jackson (Via Imago)

The trade of the former Buffalo Bills WR Stefon Diggs has attracted a lot of opinion from all corners. The deal was already predicted by many due to the talks of WR having a sour relationship with the team’s quarterback, Josh Allen.

However, a new theory has emerged that claims that Diggs left the Buffalo camp due to his winning mentality. The former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson also pointed his fingers at the repeated failures of the Buffalo Bills in the playoffs. He said it was the main reason for the former Bills man’s departure.

It’s not just him (Diggs) not being a football player, or being able to get the statistics. It’s something deeper. And I can’t sit here and tell you I know, but I just know as far as [Josh Allen] and [Stefon Diggs]… I wouldn’t say they [weren’t] eye-to-eye, but it was more of [Diggs] wanting to win.

DeSean Jackson said on the Up & Adams show

Jackson negated the possibility of Allen and Diggs having a beef. He seemed confident in labeling Diggs’ departure as having something to do with his hunger to win.

I don't feel like he thought they [were] going to be able to beat the Chiefs… I think he'd rather go with the young quarterback and a new team that's thriving instead of staying with the Bills where every year they're getting beat by the Chiefs. 
Jackson added

The comment of the former Eagles WR holds water as the Bills do not share a very good playoff record against the Kansas City Chiefs. In the last three playoff games, the Chiefs outplayed the Bills. The latest defeat came last season when the Bills hosted the Chiefs for the first time in the Divisional round. However, the Chiefs still managed to win the game.

Stefon Diggs can’t wait to contribute to the Texans

There is hardly a doubt that things were shaky for Diggs when he was in the Buffalo Bills. He now seems afresh to back to the gridiron with a different team and a different color. The experienced wide receiver looks excited to offer his service to his new quarterback, C.J. Stroud.

Stefon Diggs
Stefon Diggs (via Imago)

In a short clip shared by the Houston Texans on X, the WR was seen sharing a short message to the franchise fans.

What's up guys it is Stefon Diggs, I am excited to get going, I am excited to get at work.
Stefon Diggs said in the video

With a young quarterback and a positive head coach, the Texans team is one of the dark horses in the coming season. It is to be seen how the wide receiver manages to establish himself in a new team and if the Super Bowl dream can be finally achieved or not.

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